Where and how do I market my Ebook

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Hello all I'm new here.I have an ebook I want to sell but I don't know where and how to sell it online.Please responses will be greatly appreciated.
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    You should learn to use the Search button in the the Black Header. Type in your keywords and that will show you multiple threads on the topic.
    Here are 2 simple places to sell it.
    1- Your own website
    2- Sell it here on the W.F. but you can not promote it in a post. It better be of decent quality and the right price or you will have no buyers.
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      Can you provide a link to an ebook or content that you would consider decent quality? I started a business 2 weeks ago and make the same amount that I made everyday working 9-5. Sometimes I make 2.5 x.....in my pyjamas I'll be writing an ebook at some point.
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    Originally Posted by Rolly83 View Post

    Hello all I'm new here.I have an ebook I want to sell but I don't know where and how to sell it online.Please responses will be greatly appreciated.
    ListYourEbooks is a professional site with social media buttons. It also contains a list of places to market for I Can Post members.

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    Goodreads.com is best website to promote your book reader, like & comments from real readers & publishers.
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    Hi, you can publish your ebook in Amazon Kindle publishing. Just open an account and is free.
    Money On Demand by Ewen Chia
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    Ask yourself which is your target audience...

    Ask yourself where do they hang out (blogs, websites, forums, social media networks, etc.)

    Try to get in front of them through paid advertising or other methods, depending on where your audience is.
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    How to sell it online typically encompasses two things:

    1. Operationally setting it up with payment processor such as Clickbank, Paypal, 2CO or merchant account...and perhaps also using a 3rd party affiliate management/cart tool such as Ejunkie or JVZoo (if you decide not to use Clickbank for your affiliate/partner management). Alternatively it could be an Amazon listing in which case they take care of all payment processing and affiliate management - of course you get to keep less and have more constraints around your product and selling it than if you were selling it on your own.

    2. Driving traffic - here you the 3 approaches (content to draw traffic via search and social; partners or affiliates who generate traffic for you in exchange for commission on each referral; paid ads through Facebook, Google, Twitter, You Tube, etc...

    Tackle these and you'll be online with your ebook business.
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    A simple strategy is to give away one free tip from your ebook in a free report that people can access when they give you their email address. Then you can follow up with them via email to buy your premium ebook.

    This post can help you a little with the details: Simple Strategy To a $167 Per Day Lifestyle Business

    Also here is a post about how I made 5 figures online from a product launch. You could model my strategy and do a launch of your eBook: https://www.warriorforum.com/main-in...n-30-days.html

    I help the overworked & underpaid wage slave break free from the shackles of their 9 - 5 using just the internet and email. Find out how at ==> www.EducatedRebel.com

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