How to hide your affiliates links ? in wordpress and in normal website ?

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Hi fellow warriors, It seems the famous wp plugin which puts affiliates links like /go/tla is not working on wordpress 2.6 (, so can someone tell me a better wordpress plugin or method to hdie affiliate links.

I am looking for a practical solution (so editing .htaccess is out of scope here)

Also for my clickbank links which I am using in article submission, how to hide them ? Can someone tell me the Best Practice to follow ?

Thanks alot
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    I use the software in my sig. PHP Link Cloaker. It is a standalone program (not a plugin) and will require it's own mysql database. Check the demos on the site. It plays fine with Wordpress. Also lets you track clicks to see which links are more popular.

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    Personally I just create a webpage in a /recommends/ folder. Every page in that folder just has a php redirect file in it which I add as I promote a new product - I don't promote a heap of products so it works fine.

    This is the link that shows in my email for a Justin Michie's traffic product:

    Anyone going there is bounced straight to Justins Traffic Tips Report. The code to do a php redirect is pretty simple:

    header( 'Location:' ) ;

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