What online business model should I teach my girlfriend so she can be location independent?

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Hi Warriors,

I make a living with internet marketing and digital marketing. I am also location independent. My girlfriend wants to be able to become location independent and work from her laptop too. Right now she doesn't have any internet/digital marketing skills. I want to teach her a legitimate way to make money online. However, what I do is very involved, cost a lot of money (ad spend), and not the best method for beginners. So I need another good online model to teach her (or to point her to a good online course).

What business model do you think is good to teach to a beginner. Here are some thoughts on what would be a good business model:

1) Not too technical or time consuming

2) No to very little money investment needed (unless incoming money funds it)

3) It doesn't need to have massive upside potential but I do want her to get some early "wins" (sales) and to have the potential to fund some simple travels.

....Some business models I've thought of are:

a) Dropshipping products on ebay (List products from Amazon, BestBuy, etc on ebay). Collect money with ebay, then buy them from Amazon, Bestbuy, etc and ship them to the customer.

b) List Kindle books on Amazon (you'd have to pay writers though)

c) Some form of affiliate marketing (but learning SEO, blog building, etc all takes a lot of time and paid traffic seems to work better these days).

Any ideas? I really appreciate any feedback you can give!
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    Is there a simplified, less expensive version of what you already do and understand that she could start with?

    Seems this would be something you could teach her, rather than picking a suggestion from a forum full of strangers, something you may have to learn about yourself before you could teach her.
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      What John Said.....but.....I'd add:

      - as a location independent guy who travels the world TWG, your first requirement ain't gonna happen

      To craft a life few live, you will put in the time few put in. This is the real deal, building up a thriving enough business to become fully location independent, only because you need to persistently do things from the right energy to build a life of freedom.

      Example; I have spoken to successful online entrepreneurs - mainly bloggers - who cannot understand how I do what I do. Million dollar earners, some of them. The reason? They built their rocking model on a non location independent business, where they depend heavily on having a lightning fast internet connection, frequent offline meetings, etc.

      Your girlfriend can and will rock it out, but it takes years to go from having no marketing/online skills, to where you are doing this thing full time, to live the laptop lifestyle.

      Of course this is a good thing; when you are patient, and learn, and practice, and create and connect over the long haul, you create a sustainable online business.

      I'd also add for her to follow her business and niche passion to make things pop. Choose a business model that resonates with her and then a niche she feels passionate about too. Makes the work, the reward, which is the right energy to maintain to be patient and persistent.

      I'm super partial to blogging. Wherever I am on earth, I can sell my eBooks, audio books and courses passively, independent of my internet connection. Ditto for sponsored post and ad revenue. I can also offer my services but if the connect is not too hot, I can pull back on the live/time for dollars bit and focus on passive income.

      Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Try teaching her Social media management/consulting. The basics of every platform are pretty easy to master and small businesses are willing to pay up to $1,000/m

    You don't need a website.

    You don't need previous clients.

    You just need to know how to sell yourself.

    Send her to an ultimate guide about her favorite social media platform. Pinterest and Instagram are really easy.

    Let her learn the basics.

    Help her identify and pitch potential clients. Also, help her write the email copy.

    I've seen a lot of success with personalized videos that're between 5-10 minutes long that showcase a few quick wins the potential client can get. It's time consuming - yes. The success rate is also WAY higher.
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    Hey. Affiliate marketing with free traffic from Facebook Groups and forum posting my friend.


    Your girlfriend could run a whole business by $50/month.

    Hosting, domain, autoresponse. That's it. If she can not affort it, then i will not suggest affiliate markaeting for her.

    Using direct linking is 0 investment, but it required lot of work, skills
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    There should be a fair amount of investment in drop shipping, you need to pay the website and the apps aside from advertisements. There is a simple affiliate commercial licence promotion where the funnel is done for free organic traffic which is included in this cheap tool where you can build website, landing pages(thousands of them) drag and drop, auto responder (10K subscribers) included, with mobile app builder,FB integration apps and almost 17 apps in all. While learning she would be earning if she gets the commercial licence and all this is only 126.99$ one time payment for the commercial license and first month is included (29.99$) only. Many marketing experts shifted to this tool and users have FB groups with fantastic support. There is a free trial with no credit card needed and you can immediately make a website or landing pages in a day.
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    For a girl, I would suggest you teaching whiteboard animation, voice over, video making and content writing.

    These are highly paid online work these days and women do well in these fields.
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    Hi dude, this is really something tough you are asking, i will say to be honest that what you are asking is quietly difficult to suggest,cause she will need investments, even if it's not money, she should spend time really at the beginning, cause the most difficult time is the time we start. What i could suggest you to let her do, is simple: i think your girl has some skills in writing, then she could register on a platform, and try to work there as content writer, or proofreader. Also, it should be a great advantage if she can speak more than one language, she could try to also work over there as translator, and that's it for the beginning, she could register on Up-work, and make it over there. Good luck ya'all!
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