Question about a particular Niche I might be pursuing

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Its the Home health and Fitness Equipment. Is this a tough field to break in as far as monetizing Affiliate Products on a Blog. Iam thinking about using Ezine Articles to initially kick off the Promotion and get intiial traffic . I have 3 Blogs centered around Money Making already and want to diversify with this one.

What spurned me on with being interested in the Home Fiteness Equipment niche was going to CJ and checking out the products. I saw where Chuck Norrises' Total Gym has an Affiliate Program. And thats when I became excited. I have been a dedicated user and believer in the Total Gym for over 9 years now. I totally believe in it.
So iam excited. But is this a tough sale on a Blog ??
And too competitive of a niche?? Should I stay away from large ticket items ? etc...

thanks for any help !!
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    if you going for the whole niche..then yeah..i think you wont break...find a specific product that people are searching, like "chuck norrises's total gym" that is a "buyer" keyword right there...try to find one that is searched and in the same time you don't have overwhelming competition
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    Competition is a good thing. It means there is a significant number of people pursuing an answer to their problem and there's always room for another player, especially if you are a good marketer. The key is, as Marion noted, to carve out your own niche within the niche.
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    I see you vlogging about your experience with the machine, maybe even video blogging some routines you use, get that on you tube, submit it to some user groups, etc. opportunities are endless, post them on your site. has an ebook about video blogging. its simple and to the point.
    I think people would want to see the 'normal' person on the machine and its effects. then smack those ads all over the place!
    I am taking on only ecover design work for the next 90 days. Rates are 47.00 for single cover, discounts for multiple..just ask! No payment until completed. for sample works
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