Where to find necessary components to create/develop a product?

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Hello warriors!
I want to create some products: sales funnel include customized landing pages, forms, and local autoresponder, or can be connected with any other autoresponder,
I need the blueprint (mind mapping), the necessary components to get it done,
my essential goal in this topic is that I want to go through the entire process of developing the product myself,
I have the resources (money and time) to achieve the targeted result,
Taking example of this mentioned in above, are there a marketplace where to get courses, or such components from trusted agencies, so I can buy the components, learn the right skills then start working on my project.
Thanks for sharing your advises,
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    Simple googling will get you the answers to your questions.

    If what you want is "the one right way" (there isn't just one, but people sure want it!) then hire a coach.
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      ready made packed stuff easy to get without ask,
      I need to get the raw material and connect the dots by myself,
      knowing the process in detail is my ultimate goal, there is a project in mind,
      thanks anyway
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    sales funnel include customized landing pages, forms: leadpages, unbounce, instapages, clickfunnels, DIY in Wordpress...many options.

    local autoresponder, or can be connected with any other autoresponder: ActiveCampaign, Getresponse, Aweber...again, many options.

    What you seem to be asking for is how to hook them together. That's knowledge many people have figured out or hired someone to help them with. It's not something that can be covered in a forum post. But when you choose what pieces to work with, you can definitely google the instructions.
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      Yes Jason, acquiring the knowledge of the process how things work together, and get it done in customized implementation is the secret code in this entire project, then can develop more and higher quality of products, thanks for the suggestion,
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    Here's just one very simple solution: purchase a PLR product which includes all the pages for the complete funnel set-up plus instructions on how to do it. If the product is good, you should have no trouble getting things set up to sell following the author's directions. This first attempt will give you experience and help you to see how everything fits together to create a full selling system.

    I know you said you want to have your own product. So after you've learned how to set things up in the project above, just swap out your own product in place of the PLR product, edit the sales page, and all the other pages to reflect your own product, and you should be good to go.

    Of course what I'm suggesting is to purchase and use the PLR template to learn how to set things up in a professional way. There are many such PLR products with ready-made funnels on the market.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Steve, many thanks,
      you got my ultimate point and your answer about this project, is to produce and test a quality of product by myself, many thanks and appreciate the suggestions,
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      should go find where to advertise,
      your garbage message reported and will be deleted shortly,
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    If you are going the PLR route and want to learn the skills to go about turning that into a winning product, then I highly recommend Aurelius Tjin's membership site Unstoppable Profits
    I've been a member for about 8 months now, the guy is awesome.


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      Thanks Sean,
      I will have a look on it and see if can find something to help me out there,
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    You mention creating products, but then mention the entire marketing mechanisms around bringing it to market (funnels, landing pages, autoresponders, etc...) Which is it...create products or creating marketing funnels?

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      let's start from the starting point, we always say that biz is about solving problems of others, so that we get reward back to be paid for helping them out,
      what I mentioned it's a product that I spent a year learning and still trying to improve, so this is something that I taking it out from my own obstacle and struggle,
      marketing funnels are products, and could help more people,
      isn't it?
      I will have a look as Sean mentioned,
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