Affiliate Offers... Which are the best ones?

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Are you struggling to decide on what affiliate offer to promote?

If so, why is that? What's the difficult thing about choosing a product to promote?

(I remember struggling with this issue about a year ago maybe)

I would love to hear from you, if you feel like you're not completely sure on what to promote as an affiliate.

Please leave me your concerns, doubts, questions, or anything else! A line or two would be great.
  • Are you not sure because you haven't found the perfect product yet?
  • Are you not sure because you haven't found a great product in your niche?
  • Are you not sure because you're not sure exactly what a great product actually is?

Let's discuss this down below (leave a comment) and let's help you so you can finally make the decision and move on.
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    I think that rather than looking at one great product that you need a sales funnel of products at different price points.

    If someone has not done business with you before you are going to have a challenge with selling them a big ticket item. You need a free or low cost product that they will get a lot of value from. They will then be receptive to offers of more expensive products. You have to build trust with the cheaper front end products.

    I think that
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