Cracking the YouTube Traffic Code

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Hey all,

A couple of months ago I made a post regarding the fact that my videos were not being promoted by YouTube the way they were at a point.

You want YouTube to place your video in the feeds of people who may not be subscribed to your channel based on previous viewing history. This is called Browse Features. Browse Features and Suggested Vids are absolutely critical to have sustained growth on YouTube.

Anyway, my views started to tank and channel was "stalling" and I thought the issue was the fact that I was getting a bunch of clicks back to my landing page. My flow was "upload, ask for opt-in, deliver value via e-mail, ask for sale at specific times."

So, I stopped putting in links in my description at all, and instead told people to follow me on social media where the links were in my social media bios. Once they arrive at my social bio, there's an opt-in link for them to click...

The result; two months later is that my channel has grown by 1,336% in the last 28 days. Now the workflow is different. I upload. Add my social media info to the video (social icons and handle), foster a sense of community, get followers, when they opt-in they buy (or not).

I don't have to e-mail market as much because I make a "soft OTO" immediately on sign up, and when I do e-mail my unsubscribe rate has dropped and earnings per (new) subscriber are up.

Bottom line - be a bit more elegant about how you extract the value of YT traffic. Be sensitive to the fact that their job is to make themselves money first - not you. So, if you're sniping off LOADS of Traffic to a landing page every single time you upload, they simply won't put you in front of new audiences and worse for me, they stopped showing me to my own subs.

Just thought I'd share.

Happy Thanksgiving if you're a USA resident!
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