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by Emilio Puente 13 replies
I'm a newbie in everything related to affiliate marketing.

I have been looking for courses or tutorials to learn how to work efficiently as an affiliate and I bumped into Wealthy Affiliate.

Any comments about this course? Should I take it?

Do you know any other course I can learn from?
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    Do you know what types of traffic you intent on using? Wealthy affiliate is decent for some free methods but I would go a different route for paid traffic.
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    They do offer some value for beginners.

    But they do tend to turn a lot of people off due to their negative marketing tactics.

    If you don't enjoy calling everything a scam, they may not be for you.

    These guys even called Niel Pattel a scam.
    Successful Internet Marketing is a Process. ==>>Here Are My 5 Steps for Success...
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    Wealthy affiliate does have over 800,000 members and you can sign up as a free member and have a look around the site.
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    Originally Posted by Emilio Puente View Post

    Do you know any other course I can learn from?

    Have you looked into the blog, advise, books, training from Rosalind Gardner?

    She is a super affiliate, has been around for a long time, she "walks the walk" and is legit.

    Her book is a classic:

    Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online

    Give it a look.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I'm not yet hear about that course, I know a lot but sure that i don't know everything.

    But if i never heard about that course, you should be careful.

    Ultimately, you still need to take action, try something. Don't be afraid to make mistake

    The way to do it right? DO IT WRONG FIRST.

    I hope best for you.
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    Oh man. You are in the right place

    Where there are a lot of gurus hear and ready to help you.

    I don't care what kind of ecourse will you get. But it must follow this structure at least.

    1. Choose a niche
    2. Choose a product
    3. Create a squeeze page (you don't need to have a website, blog, but squeeze page is a must) to build your list and set up Autoresponder
    4. Drive traffic into your squeeze page

    Then Cha - Ching.

    Here's My recommend: Stick with one niche untill you success. One product, one traffic method at a time.
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    Learn from the right system is very important

    It could save us a lot of time. By asking gurus in this forum

    You make a right decision.
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    Wealthy Affiliate has some good training geared towards newbies but I prefer My Lead System Pro.

    Just my two cents...
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    Wealthy Affiliate is a great choice for motivated people who don't know how to get started.
    I've been with them for a few months, and I can recommend them.
    Affilorama is another great choice.
    There tons of free info on the Internet (here on WarriorForum, for example), but ther problem is that it's easy to get an information overload.
    So, if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, CB Passive Income or another online course, stick to it until you achieve your goals ($1,000 a month, or whatever you're striving for).

    Hey, Warriors! Check my latest and greatest blog post:
    Aweber Sucks? Should You Switch from Aweber To ConvertKit?

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    Hi Emilio,

    I'm going to offer some different advice.

    Hold onto your money.

    I actually earn some of my own income from selling marketing ebooks, but I believe people should first hold onto their money and use free resources.

    Reason being: newcomers to the industry should learn which area of online marketing best suits them.

    It could well be affiliate marketing in your case, or it could be a number of other areas: YouTube marketing via AdSense, product creation, and so forth.

    A place like Warrior Forum is, in my mind, an ideal educational resource (and a mostly free one, at that) for newcomers to get a feel for where they belong in the industry.

    Once you determine where you'd like to work, I'd suggest that is the time to consider laying down a little money for further education.

    The alternative, you see, is to potentially encounter a common mistake: to spend your money on product after product, only to find that it's the 7th or 8th product that is truly helpful in your own case.

    I hope that helps, mate. Best of luck!

    - Tom

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