Paydotcom coming back!!

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So an email just dropped that Paydotcom is coming back read as follows

GREAT NEWS: Pay Dot Com joined forces with so a lot of good things are coming to Pay Dot Com.

Development started on Pay Dot Com 2.0 which many changes request by both vendors and affiliates.

We estimate that first big change with completely new & modern interface should be finished in about 2 months.

We just started new Pay Dot Com Facebook group you can join and post what you want us to add to Pay Dot Com

I thought this went the way of the DODO ? thoughts

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    I got spammed with that email, too. I shouldn't be on either of those sites mailings list, so I deleted it with prejudice..

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    I thought this went the way of the DODO ? thoughts
    It should have stayed with the bird, where it belongs.

    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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