Where are the good dating (affiliate) offers targeted at young men? A model asked me...

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Hi Warriors,

I was approached for an interesting job. A model wants me to help her monetize her large following on social media platforms. Since her audience is mostly 18 to 40 year old guys, I was thinking she could promo a dating affiliate offer every once in a while. However, this is not even close to my niche so I was wondering what network has the best dating offers? Any good dating offers in particular?

And do you have any other suggestions for other affiliate offers she can pitch?

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    Have you asked your model friend how she gained her audience, who is in that audience, and the reason they started following her? The answers may surprise you. I would spend some time polling her audience and finding out what they might like as they continue to follow her. Any time you assume you know what an audience wants you are setting yourself up for failure.


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    Obvious question, I guess, but is she a professional 'runway model' or more a YouTube 'cam girl'? The predominantly male followers makes me think the second.

    I agree with Steve - what she might be able to sell depends on what attracts and motivates the followers she has.
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    If she already has a large following, it might be more profitable for her to launch her own merchandising range, such as calendars, diaries, mugs, T-shirts, signed photos etc. That would also serve to build her brand.

    If she or you don't want to get involved with the actual product creation or fulfilment, you could use services like Zazzle or CafePress. And if you go that route, you should also sign her up as an affiliate and profit from any other sales via those platforms.
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    Have her ask the followers what were the last 3 products they bought online. Watch out for common trends and you'll have a fighting chance.

    I think it was John Carlton who said "it's a mess to guess", so just ask them and sell them quality stuff.

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    As far as dating offers go, I have been promoting eHarmoney for years and it consistently converts very well and is one of the highest paying free signup dating offers.
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    For a measly $1,000,000, you, yes YOU, get to take me on a date to your local pub, so your loser friends get to see how awesome you are (men are perceived as awesome if my arm is touching them, and, for $1,000,000 my arm WILL be touching you). (If you happen to have $100,000,000, I will marry you for real!)

    Don't have $1,000,000? For a measly $10,000, I will take a photo with you and sign it.

    Don't have $10,000... buy this stupid t-shirt with my mug on it for a measlier $100! Buy $10 at once and I'll throw in 2 extra t-shirts at no cost to you!

    Men are stoopid (I know for I am one). But if you don't believe me: a woman sold a $60 dress for over $150,000 on ebay. Here's the link to an article about it: Woman's eBay Auction Goes Viral After She Accidentally Includes Naked Photo of Herself in Post (NSFW). Maybe your model friend can 'accidentally' print t-shirts with her naked backside not face and sell them for $157,000 each!
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