Are there eBooks available that I can re-publish

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I'm just looking for a short ebook or cheat sheet on saving money. I just want to offer something free to my email list. Are there websites that let you re-publish ebooks for free?
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    I use They have some good quality stuff on there. You can download items for free or pay monthly and get access to the whole database.
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    I don't know which books are non-premium.
    If you are limited to 'non-premium' books for free....doesn't it make sense that other 'premium' books will NOT download for you?

    Do you have any experience or knowledge in the niche? Why would you start out with freebies you find available to anyone online - rather than unique information based on your own knowledge? ...or are you mixing the two (free and new copy) as you go?
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    What topics? Librivox and Project Gutenberg have a TON of public domain books.
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    Kay said it; if any other human being can access these free eBooks, the value drops, quickly, as does the enticing nature of your offer.

    One of the best, most important, powerful ways to build a sustainable business online: put in the leg work, practice writing, and write the free eBook yourself. When readers see your name on the eBook you will raise a few eyebrows, grow your list quickly and you will also position yourself as more of an authority. Much more value in improving your writing skills and creating your own free eBook versus offering something that is not exclusive at all.
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    Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. If their first encounter with you is receiving an out-dated or poorly written book it won't inspire them to take the next step and purchase from you.

    On the other hand, if you "wow" them with your giveaway, they'll think, "Dang, if this guy's free stuff is this good, his premium for sale products must be awesome."

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