Make Money Online - How To Increase Your Traffic By Free Method

by Mabu Map 32 replies
For those of you who are started as a beginner

Or you experience affiliate marketing for a while but struggling generate traffic

I have this advice for you. Choose one proven method and take massive action.

Master one method at a time is very importand.

This is some proven free traffic actually work that i'm personally using it to generate income online.

1: Forum posting
Using signature, then go out and contribute for community, using your knowledge, experiences to help other. You gonna get clicks, traffic into your offer in return. This is exactly what i am doing...

2: Facebook
Join into Facebook groups by keywords, and then post, advertise on each groups once per day. Remember to read their rules before you post because if you don't, Admin gonna kick you away without any warning, sometimes you even got check point by facebook, so you should not use your main Facebook account if you post to a lot of groups a day.

You should not post to more than 50 different groups a day. The break time after one post to another minimum should be 5 minutes. And you need to spin content, pictures and links. I mean, each post of you should be different or Facebook will stop you soon. Facebook will note you as a spammer if you post the same content a lot of times.

3: Instagram ( Follow a lot of people in your niche, through the hashtag, then there are a small amount of them will follow you back. Then engage with them by posting nice pictures in your account. In the comment you should tell them that if you want A, B, C click the link in the bio. That's how i gettings leads daily with instagram. But remember that at the beginning when your followers are small, you might not see the result immediately)

Hope this helps!
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    Social media
    Blog posts
    Business listing
    Q&A sites

    Medium and playbuzz
    email marketing
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    I'm agree with you about master one method at a time

    One step at a time
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    Originally Posted by Mabu Map View Post

    For those of you who are started as a beginner

    Or you experience affiliate marketing for a while but struggling generate traffic

    I have this advice for you. Choose one proven method and take massive action.

    Master one method at a time is very importand.

    This is some proven free traffic actually work that i'm personally using it to generate income online.

    1: Forum posting
    2: Facebook
    3. Instagram

    Hope this helps!
    Sorry this thread is small on substance really a waste of time posting this thread! if you going to let so called newbies in on the idea of Increasing traffic and make money you need to show them a way of doing

    Just by dropping places on where they can generate traffic in my books not good enough! where are you showing
    How To Increase Your Traffic By Free Method

    If you are going to give value put more into it , most of this information is found by searching the forum and in much better threads

    I know why you did it just maybe next time ad some more meat to the post

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    Forum posting is one of the most traffic producing ways. But most forum sites are restricted to post by newbies.
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    As an internet organizing pro, you probably starting at now use all the best casual groups (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and media sharing regions (Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat), close by perhaps an unobtrusive cluster of others like Pinterest and Google Plus.

    Regardless, there's significantly more to electronic interpersonal interaction than the best internet systems administration and media sharing frameworks. Look past those electronic interpersonal interaction juggernauts and you'll see that people are using different sorts of electronic long range informal communication to interface online for an extensive variety of reasons.

    Here's our once-over of 10 sorts of web based systems administration and what they're used for:

    Interpersonal organizations—Connect with individuals

    Media sharing systems—Share photographs, recordings, and other media

    Exchange gatherings—Share news and thoughts

    Bookmarking and substance curation systems—Discover, spare, and offer new substance

    Purchaser audit systems—Find and survey organizations

    Blogging and distributing systems—Publish content on the web

    Intrigue based systems—Share interests and leisure activities

    Social shopping systems—Shop on the web

    Sharing economy systems—Trade merchandise and enterprises

    Unknown interpersonal organizations—Communicate namelessly

    1. Informal organizations

    Cases: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

    2. Media sharing systems

    Cases: Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube

    3. Talk discussions

    Cases: reddit, Quora, Digg

    4. Bookmarking and substance curation systems

    Cases: Pinterest, Flipboard

    5. Customer survey systems

    Cases: Yelp, Zomato, TripAdvisor

    6. Blogging and distributing systems

    Illustrations: WordPress, Tumblr, Medium

    7. Social shopping systems

    Illustrations: Polyvore, Etsy, Fancy

    8. Intrigue based systems

    Illustrations: Goodreads, Houzz, - Listen to free music and watch recordings with the biggest music index on the web

    9. 'Sharing economy' systems

    Cases: Airbnb, Uber, Taskrabbit

    10. Mysterious interpersonal organizations
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    Thanks for the post, very interesting., thanks for sharing.. I might try this soon.

    Linda McWilliams PhD
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    I'd include Youtube in the list

    There are so many ways to utilize Youtube for free (or cheap) traffic...

    For example, create and rank your own video.

    Or comment under videos relevant to your niche and drive traffic that way.
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      Is it legal or countable to comment on a same video again and again with one Id?
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        Sure that you can comment one the same video again and again.

        But you need to make sure that you don't comment the same content again and again!

        Hope this helps!
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    Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! This is so insightful and I really appreciate this. I am currently embarking on this but not intensely but I think I will have to go the extra mile to make sure I get conversions. Thanks again.
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    If you ask me which one could be the most effective "organic traffic on demand"? I will say YouTube as per my 5 year-long IM journey.

    I have written a program that can auto produce YouTube videos. It took so long because I wanted to produce the most highest quality work and NOT ANOTHER "article video robot." Each of my video is fully animated and at least 7 minutes long. I am in the process of building a Dell cloud server starting with 1,000 (yes, one thousand) cores. Sounds like a sales pitch? its not. I got no signature attached. I am telling you just the possibility what can you do if you can mingle IM and IT together.
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    Well for me... I think increasing your traffic by free method can only be achieved by diligence and consistency in using free methods such as the social media. But it can also be effective especially if if it's long term.
    Starting out in my internet marketing business journey I used the free methods, but it was quite slow I must tell you. To be more targeted and result oriented I recommend you check this out:
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    Newbies looking for more traffic need to pick only one form of traffic generation strategy before jumping into multiple.

    Trying to build multiple channels of traffic without understanding the fundamentals of traffic is the quickest way to failure.

    Pick only (1) method that you feel is a match for you.

    Never pick a method or strategy just because of the idea that it's best for all.

    As an example...

    I am not compatible with Facebook FREE marketing strategies at the moment.

    For me personally I do much better with SEO and you tube.

    Now given the fact that I just said that...

    This doesn't mean that SEO and you tube will be best suited for you.

    You need to find your own groove.

    Successful Internet Marketing Is A Process. ==>>Here Are 5 Simple Steps To Get You Started!

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      Yes, that's true.

      One step at a time and

      Choose the best match for ya
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    My advise don't force yourself into something you're not cut out for. Don't follow what others say that you should do, instead, you do what is right for you. Remember, if you have not a clue about what you're doing, you're going to waste years spinning your wheels and end up back where you started with nothing to show for it.

    Many people came before you. Only those who were passionate about their work, committed to achieving great things, were successful. The vast majority were not. And they all washed out.

    Be better at something than anyone else, and then you become unstoppable. That's what will make you successful. That said, nurture only one (or two max) traffic building strategy. In business world, less is always more.
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    The above three things are not enough to increase the search volume, many sites need to improve this
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    Great tips! Influencer Marketing on Instagram is very helpful when you want to boost your brand/business. Influencers are a big help since they got large audience and high engagement rate.
    Social Media Marketing Assistant at
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    Blog commenting works really well if done the right way. It can be time intensive, but worth it if done consistently and with the right type of high quality blogs.
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    For me it has been, google alerts, and forum posting.

    However, the best method is the one you will actually use,

    So, pick one that you know that you will do, and just stick with and chances are you will be fine.

    Hope this helps
    Need Hosting? Then Check out my reviews of the Top 5 Web Hosts of 2017
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  • as a beginner in affiliate marking. i have tried lots of free traffic. none with success.i could not tell you the hours of youtube videos i have watched.the frustration is over the top.i have tried social media. fb twitter instagram.i have given up on free traffic. in my opinion. it dont work period.
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    Can you please share your strategies for building an audience on Instagram?
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    Mabu, thanks for the post

    If you check this thread, you'll find more great info on the subject:

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    I agree! also add in SEO. Been using these techniques for quite some time now. The results are not instant but then it gives you solid results.

    Phlanx Marketing Specialist -

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    I'm not using SEO yet.

    But really want to dominate it haha
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    seo your way in smaller ponds like Pinterest.

    -Ike Pazz
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