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Hey guys its good to be here!

I am struggling with niching down...
My passion is to teach male charisma/alpha confidence.

I am heading towards Charisma.

I know it is under the 'relationships' market but
I am struggling to find the last one. I can find the Core-Market which is 'relationships'
but i am struggling to fine the sub-market and the niche.

I know it is Charisma for men.

Any ideas for a specific niche or how to find one?
Would love to see what advice you guys have for me.

#finding #niche
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    This video might help you

    Although recently there's been a small change to the Keyword Planner, make a campaign and you'll still get all the same info for free.
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    Instead of trying to go broad, why not target your market through their targets?
    For example, if a guy is trying to get the attention of a blonde, then you want to address that segment (or even more micro than that according to your understanding and expertise). Get traffic to it and convert sales. Then expand to other styles, preferences, etc.

    As you build in this fashion, you also build great word of mouth for your growing and expanding business.

    The main benefit of this suggestion is to limit your distractions (too many targets) and focus on honing your traffic getting and conversion skills and funnels. Once perfected, you can expand with ease to other segments continually.
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      That makes sense!
      For example, i target guys who need it in their entrepreneur life, then guys who want it in relationships than guys who are shy...
      Basically, based on their needs...
      Gain success and experience in the first target then move on to the next.

      Thanks for your input
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    It is about how you help people. Can you teach someone about something? Here is your niche.

    If you like to teach people about alpha confidence just start with it. But do you know exactly what you are going to teach? Or who?

    From the keywords, you can get ideas about what people search on the Internet but it is not enough.

    With a few words, find someone who you can help to solve a specific problem (friends, online on forums or anywhere you can find people who need your help), solve his/their problem, then you can start a business (online or offline) to help even more people with the same problem.
    Check my affiliate marketing guide.
    I have published it for free on my site. If you need any help, contact me.
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    I just saw your reply
    So you are saying go on forums and even on certain youtube videos where people are asking questions related to my niche and solve their problem. This will help figure out real problems and build a business from there?

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    Fashion ---> Male Fashion ---> Male Fashion Life Style
    Dating ---> Dating Secret ---> Dating Natural Secret for Men
    Business ---> Business Character ---> Success Business Character

    Just some ideas...

    I'm learning to draw again ...
    I want to sell my drawing later on!
    Wish me luck, okay?!

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      I like these, whenever i read these it helps.
      What about
      Charisma ----> Male Charisma ---> Charisma for Shy/introvert guys
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    It all depends what your passion is. You need to ask following question to yourself.
    1. Am I Passionate About this?
    2. Would i be able to bring value to this community?
    3. What difference can i bring in?
    4. Can I write Effective Emails and build relationship with my list?

    If following questions and some more you can create from your end. and see if you can answer. If yes go ahead , else do this excersize again n again until you find one.
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    Thank you! Il do it.
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    Pick a niche that you enjoy talking about, writing about , and spending time and money promoting it.


    Because you are going to spend most of your free time doing it.

    If you don't enjoy the work involved in creating your product or promoting it, then you won't do it.
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