Can writing a book drive traffic to my site?

by bm2
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Can writing a book drive traffic to my website?I`m thinking of purchasing a how to write a bestseller program. But besides positioning me as an expert will it drive traffic to my website so that i can get leads and prospescts and sell my services. Will it be an extra layer a new traffic source or not?
Thank you
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    If there are links in the book whether it is a pdf, kindle, or any other type then you will get traffic;

    IF, the book is good and people like what you are writing. It all depends on the quality and value provided


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    Is he driving traffic to GKIC from BOOKS?
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    I am just going to repeat what I said in your other thread

    But with two further additions:

    You need to promote your book to continue to get sales and you need to know how Amazon algorithms work to capitalize on your investment. It's not a set and forget method.

    Secondly as was mentioned in the other thread don't get hung up on the best seller tag. I can make you an Amazon best seller (orange bagde and everything) with just one sale - it will do you no good.
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    It's a very good idea to promote your website through book publication. I strongly believe you will get loyal visitors/customer if you are providing something valuable.
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    Depends on the topic you write upon, your marketing strategy and the relevancy the book has with your offerings.
    Book should be in-line with what your services are if you want to drive traffic to a website and get leads.
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    It depends on the book quality and whether it is related to your website and business... I believe the best would be to share some truly useful tips in it but to also mention that even more solutions can be found on your website, referring it as a relevant source and maybe a gathering point for relevant community/audience/customers. (Better said than done, i know )
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    I agree with mgmccall comment above
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    I actually contacted Kindle (on several occasions) to see if you're allowed to promote your own websites within your Kindle book.

    They responded to say that yes, of course, you may promote your own websites. The only caveat, is that you may not promote affiliate links directly.

    This is a perfectly reasonable policy in my opinion; so yes, you may absolutely promote your own websites within your own e-books, even within the Kindle marketplace.

    As always, I advise you to contact Amazon's support if you have any specific questions, in order to ensure that your publishing endeavors are within compliance.

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    Absolutely you can get traffic from writing a book.

    As others have said if the content is good and it is put together in a professional manner.

    Once you write the book, put it up on the free ebook sites and then "announce" it with a press release and on social media.

    Make sure, at the bottom of the book, you have a resource guide--which of course will have a link or links to your site or products you are promoting.

    Another think to think about is to do a list type book, like 7 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting.

    Those type of titles tend to get more opens.

    Because, you can have the greatest book in the world, but, if no one reads it--you will not get any traffic and or sales.

    Hope this Helps.
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    No, it will help to position you. You still need to get traffic to your book offer, even if it's free. I book is a great lead magnet that you can use to get people's email address.


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    Can writing a book inspire and empower People?

    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Writing a book by itself can position you as an authoritative figure (if it's good and really provides value).

    But you will still need to 'market' that book as you need to market your website.

    Either way...

    You still have to go though the process (grind work etc).
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    I must say that it is related to the way you are writing an ebook. Either you write everything in one book and leave nothing out of the boost for your readers, or you can write in a way that will trigger ebook readers mind to visit your blog to find out more.
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