Has anyone created a WSO where some takes someone else's WSO and shows you how it made them Money???

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Hey Guys...

You see WSOs after WSOs claiming they're the end all...
Probably thousands of these have been produced in the many years the Warriorforum
has been around. I was thinking has anyone ever taken a WSO (someone else's) and made a WSO
and shown how they are making money with it. A case study dissecting the steps to take?
Or what they did? Sort of a third party, detailed, consumer reports, investigation and endorsement?

I see people on youtube unwrapping products and going through them and I thought
has anyone ever done this with a WSO? Sure you'll get many reviews on WSO's but these are just made as click-bait to make affiliate sales. The reviewer might not have even gone thru the product but is just selling the sizzle. You know how that goes...

I can't recall seeing anything like that.

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    It is unlikely you would have the 'rights' to reveal the step by step of someone else's WSO product in order to make money yourself.

    WSO is supposed to be your own product - and most WSO's you buy do not permit you do reveal the 'inside info' to others. There have been 'case studies' but not following another seller's product step by step.

    Not a definitive answer - but things to consider. I'd definitely want Admin permission before spending much time on such a project.
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    Yes, I remember one, but it was years ago. It was very successful and the warrior that
    did it went on to make other successful products. He eventually left this forum after
    starting his own company.
    I didn't participate in either wso, so I can't give you the specifics, but it worked out well
    for the original seller and the second one that showed step by step how he was successful
    with the original wso.
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