shh...don't tell but sometimes I write for free

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I've just had a really full on couple of days working with a bunch of print and web journos. It's an awesome time to talk and gather,but the best thing, I get to network.

As many know, I write full time for print and web. I don't do alot of writing for IMers, mainly because I can get a better rate by far from other sources
However I have offered to contribute free copy to both high profile magazines and websites.

Because the RIGHT magazine or the RIGHT website is worth it's weight in gold when it comes down to the amount of long term return you can recieve. Putting your words in the right place opens doors no amount of ringing and letter writing can do.

Think about who you know and how you cna give away what is in your hand to promote your product. A little freebies here and there can provide a huge return.
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