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by edpudol1973 3 replies
I just finished and tested my new product "Your own clickbank website in 10 minutes or less" a web site script , that create clickbank portal, and able to produce text links ads like adsense that the site owner can used to promote his affiliate link in other places articles, blogs, and sites.

It so happened that I am not that good in creating a sales page. I know there are many successful Internet Marketer here and are very expert in creating sales page. Anyone could help me to create one? Can I pay the good guy/gal for 1 copy of the script? Here is the demo site in case you want to see how it looks.. 25 most popular products produsts || 25 most popular products for sale || buy 25 most popular products - all ads displaying in this site Filipino & Filipina community is supplied by that clickbank site

Thanks in advance
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