Can You Use WordPress to Link to Your Affiliate Website?

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Hi, earlier today I asked the questions how Word Press works and if it was okay to put the exact articles from EZA and Isnare into it.

Now I know and did both. My third and final question on this topic is:

Sorry I just wanted to get this out of the way. I always get confused by the "Terms of Services,"... so I'm to ask the people who have had experience on Word Press before...
Anyway, is word press just a blog where you post things up for fun and information, or is it okay to add links from your blog straight to your website where your promoting a merchant's product?

Thank you.
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    Hi, Wordpress is a blog which composes of posts. Simply, it is a website with continuous updated content in the form of journal entries.

    Posts can be done in a variety ways related to merchant products.

    An example I found product X from clickbank. I bought it and find it is good. I do a review and end off with a link (an affiliate link) so if the reader buys through your link, you get the commission.

    • You can also add aff. links at the sidebar.
    • You can collect optins by giving out free articles with affiliate links in it
    • You can promote emails to your list of optins by sending them emails with aff. links.

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      It's not clear from your question whether you are talking about the hosted blog service at or the self-hosted script at

      If you install the WordPress script on your own domain, you can link to anywhere you want - it's completely under your control.

      If you're talking about the hosted service, they are a bit sticky about nasty commercial activities. You can certainly post an affiliate link on your blog, but you might be asked to remove it.

      If you need to use a free hosted blog, is less fussy about affiliate links.

      If you're asking about whether it's 'the done thing' to put affiliate links on a blog in general, I would say that it's generally acceptable. It does depend a bit on your niche, though. But I think most people realize that even bloggers have to eat. And most non-marketing people don't look at links and think, "Ooh! An affiliate link!". Make them relevant and no-one should complain.

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    If you are providing quality information on a blog,
    it's ok if you put a related affiliate link.

    if I had to choose between Blogger and Wordpress, I would choose
    Wordpress, coz to me, it provides a sense of trust as they take
    spamming very seriously
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