Can I promote an Affiliate Link directly with Google Adwords?

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I'm new to affiliate marketing and I was thinking, to start out, I could try signing up for an affiliate program, get the affiliate link and create an ad with Google Adwords to promote this link directly without having to create a landing page or any type of website. The prospect gets to their page directly from the ad.

As I was trying to find an answer to this, I got confused with many of the rules. It sounds like Google bans you if you don't follow some of these rules; and of course I'm trying to avoid this.

I am a complete beginner, any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks a bunch.

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    This is a really fascinating question, and I'm confident, that you'll find people who argue on either side of the fence.

    This topic is amusing to me personally, because it's a debate I've seen countless times, and because I've personally known several colleagues who have had their Google AdWords account suspended, while promoting affiliate links directly.

    HOWEVER, were they necessarily suspended for promoting affiliate links directly, or were they merely suspended for promoting an affiliate program, that in itself, was a violation of Google policies?

    I cannot find any specific language within the AdWords terms of use that bans affiliate linking, to be honest. However, if you link to a page that promises to get rich quick, or anything else that might violate Google's policy, then definitely avoid that activity.

    On a personal note, I would almost always recommend linking to your own content, anyway.

    Build your own email list, create an awesome video, write a beautiful blog post, record a Podcast, or absolutely anything that delivers value unto your prospects, and then make your immortally beloved audience an offer after you share something cool.

    PS: You can learn more about Google's AdWords policy here, after browsing I was unable to determine if affiliate links are outright banned.

    Please find the language that states the following: "Examples: Affiliates that advertise on AdWords against the applicable affiliate program rules", which would kind of imply that you may be an affiliate marketer as long as you don't do anything egregious, lol.

    If anyone has more insight, I encourage them to respond because I'm truly interested to learn more about this topic, and as always; I wish everyone the absolute best.

    PPS: Here's a list of banned content for AdWords advertisers, I don't see any language referring to affilate links, referral links, sponsored links, or anything along those lines:

    Yeah dude. I just included ANOTHER PS, lol. When in doubt, I definitely encourage you to contact AdWords support directly, which you can easily accomplish by visitng the URL below, and which can definitely prevent a potential crises from occurring:

    Happy hunting, and I wish you the best!!!
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