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by Edi98
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Would it be a good idea to just promote click bank offers with high gravity through a sales funnel? I haven't tried it yet, but before i invest my ow time with it id like to get some advice. Im aware that making a website and a business for the long term is always the best plan, but is it possible to promote through email marketing/sales funnels alone and build a huge following that way? Im thinking about just running campaigns straight to the offer through a sales funnel advertised on Facebook and building a email list to promote the offer more along with up-sells and other offers. Another idea i had was to cold call my customers and speak to them personally about the offer once they've been in my email list for long enough. If anybody has ever tried this, was it profitable or worth your time?
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    Either way can work well.
    Building a list will typically take longer but is normally more profitable in the long run.
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      Do you recommend click funnels or another software?
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    I prefer thinking long term to avoid giving up ,
    I build a Blog/website as well as an email list.
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      You're 100% right, that's what I'm doing with another side business
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    Buiding a list my friend.

    You can promote a lot of times with as many products as you want.
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    I don't promote ClickBank offers, but that irrelevant.

    You want to be collecting your prospects email addresses and follow up if you want to be successful with affiliate marketing.

    Email is a distribution channel that no one can take away from you because you own the list.. Where most other channels you have no real control of because your just a user of it.
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    But wouldn't i be doing the same thing technically if I'm just building a list from the sales funnel vs a website? (asked out of curiosity not challenging anyone, i seriously don't know)
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    Yes you can with a good sales funnel system in place but make sure you build your list while at it as this will serve as your stand by traffic in the future when you need it
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      Good point, thank you
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