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Greetings Warriors!

Welcome to this week's edition of Top 5 WSOs! I'll be sharing 5 WSOs and give out a piece of my insights on these potential gems. Before jumping in, please have a look first at our disclaimers.

Disclaimer: All reviews made are solely based on my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the thoughts and insights of the Warrior Forum Team. This article does not in any way promote or advertise any of the WSOs
If you missed out on the previous articles - don't fret as I got you covered. Please refer to the following links if you want to backread.

Enjoy reading!

1. John Nolte's 3 Step Career Starter Email Coaching Course (November 2017)

John's creativity is on display in his well thought out salespage. He is very upfront on what you will be getting from his coaching program. $49 maybe a stretch for some folks though the coaching he offers is across various fields and not limited to Internet Marketing only, which is quite nice.

2. Nick's 4dayweekend Lifetime Coaching (November 2017)

Nick's coaching course is packed with a lot of good stuff. From what you will be getting (which he details beautifully) and to the refund guarantee, every question asked by potential buyers are answered. $497 (limited discount) might possibly be a barrier for some young Internet Marketers though the refund clause can provide a safety net for those doubters.

3. Ahmed Mahamed's Facebook Perfect Audience Circle Lite (November 2017)

Very simple in terms of presentation. Ahmed's course focuses on Facebook Targeted Ads. If you're someone looking for a cheap course that will help you out with your conversions, this is worth looking at.

4. Thomas Witek's Gram Poster 2 (November 2017)

Thomas' product is what page owners of Instagram will want. You'll get an all in one tool that helps you out in managing, scheduling or posting on your Instagram account. At $97, this is a good bargain.

5. Richard Kaiser's Instagram Adder (November 2017)

Another tool for Instagram marketers. Richard's salespage is very simple - very detailed in explaining what the tool does and what users can possible expect. At $149 though, some users might find it a bit pricey though for those who are serious in using Instagram as a marketing platform, its worth the buck.

As usual, feel free to leave in your comments and let me know.

Thanks and see you all next week!

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