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Hey guys,

Im new to affiliate marketing but not to marketing in general. Have been reading a bit about affiliate marketing and all of it makes sense...except I dont see too many ppl discussing the *how* of creating those pages..

For a newbie planning on making a 15-20 page site discussing various tangents of your product/niche

1. Would you guys use Wordpress

2. A site builder package like Siterubix?

3. Use dreamweaver etc etc to build it yourself

4. get a web designer off of elance or similar contractor site?

Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!

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    The easiest way would be to pay for somebody to do it for you.

    The cheapest way, which is also fairly easy would be to use something like Wordpress as a CMS.
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      It depends on what you want your site to accomplish. A simple squeeze page could be thrown up quickly with basic HTML and CSS.

      Although wordpress is popular with bloggers, it can serve as a basic CMS for, say, a mini-site, and is probably one of the faster ways to get a simple site up and running.

      My webhost uses cpanel, which contains a service called simple scripts. Using simple scripts I push a button and viola, wordpress installs itself. Then it takes a few minutes to upload a custom theme. Then in the wordpress admin panel I customize the theme a bit by removing most of the junk from the sidebar, etc.
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    I have used wordpress lots but it has major limitations if you want to use it to create a full site....Iv found you can usually tell its a blog rather than a site if you know what i mean. I use dreamweaver to create sites all the time but really you have to know what you are doing, its not that difficult and worth the extra effort.
    You could get a template and alter it, you can pick a decent one up for $60.
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    I love you guys!

    I think i should start with wordpress and once i make some money Ill look into hiring programmers for static sites?

    Good idea?
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    Wordpress is really a good option. You can use any theme and post easily.
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      I use Dreamweaver and free or paid templates.

      Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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      Wordpress is a good starting point but if you want real flexibility a CMS system like Joomla gives you a lot of potential in excess of Wordpress. With Joomla you can pretty much create any website you can imagine from Review Sites, Blogs, Directories, Membership Sites, Communities, etc.

      It really depends on your needs.
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        Hay Guys I started off using www.synthasite.com for my first site, has many templates and hosting is free. You got to navigate yourself around the site to learn it though but of course it's free so it's worth the round trip. check it out
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          I've used Xsitepro, basic hand-coded html, CSS, and Wordpress - it's a toss-up between Xsitepro & Wordpress for getting a site up quickly.

          Lately I've been using Wordpress - if I was a newbie and had to start over Wordpress would be my decision for it's quickness & ease of use with plug-ins.

          No matter which way you go, remember there's a learning curve for anything.

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    Weebly has a good design interface. This is a cool web software and free.
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    A couple years ago I'd say make it yourself, static html in DW or hire it out....but I'll cast my vote for WordPress.

    I always thought of WordPress as a blog system....to run blogs.....until I started using it for customers and realizing how simple it is to use as a CMS for your sites.
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