Tips for writing an article

by tameem
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Hello All,

here are some tips i think you should take care when you want to write an article :

1 - Determine your topic

2 - Figure out who your audience is

3 - Do your research

4 - Decide on the length of the article

5 - Write either an outline or a summary of your article
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    Good tips! I have noticed that the subject line makes all the difference."How to" and "7 tips to" articles work really well.People are crazy about tips.
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    And another tip and it's very important,especially if you want the articles you write to work always in your favor:

    Always proofread your article before you publish.

    Recently, I came across a lot of articles published in some of the top directories but are full of spelling errors and grammatical error. Really turns off the readers.
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    Thank you for the information.
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    here are some places you can publish your article :
    Discover EXACTLY how to be in top 10 on google, yahoo and msn easily in few days with this link builder machine
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    in addition to doing your research, finding out the needs and expectations of the people to whom you are writing to goes a long way.
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