[inspirational] what to do when you want to give up

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Are you frustrated you're not moving fast enough?

That you're not seeing results as quickly as you wish it to be?

Even though I've quit my job 10 years ago and have been working full-time ever since, making multiple six figures, I know I have (and still am sometimes).

Because I'm so impatient and want results... like yesterday. But here's a psychological technique that I use that helps me manage this "impatience" over and over that it has reduced my stress levels and increased the joy in my life by almost 300%!

Listen carefully because it can potentially change your life.

And it's this question: Do you enjoy the process of watching a movie or the fact that it's completed?

Read on and it'll make total sense.

It's embarrassing, but I have a confession to make. And it's this:You, in my world, are my hero.

I know it sounds cheesy but it's true. I understand in a deeper level, how you feel and what it takes to follow this "unconventional path" of making money online and striving to follow your dreams. Probably more than 99% of the people you meet on the streets. Or maybe even more than your family or closest friends. Because I've been there.

The fact that you read my messages and interact with me tells me a lot. You are overcoming the fear, the criticism, the frustration, the confusion, the stress, the lack of time, and everything else to follow this unbeaten path. That, to me, is noble. And I respect you for it. Like the Hobbit from Lord of the Rings, you have set off on an incredible adventure into the unknown.You have only one life and you've decided to follow your heart.You will have no regrets about the opportunity not taken on your deathbed. You have lived your life on your terms, and not anyone else's. Think about it. Isn't it exciting?The path you're on right now? Life is an adventure but most people fail to take it.

They play too safe and will never see the vast, incredible sights and epic fights along the way. They will never know in their lifetime the challenges, the big and small victories, the ups and downs, the brilliant and blinding hope that comes during the process of realizing your dreams. Ever. Not you. This is your adventure. It's a real-life movie and you're the star. This is your epic tale.

...But once you accomplish your goal, you won't have it anymore. Adventure will be gone. Do you like the process of watching a movie or the fact that it's completed? It's like that.

Feeling of happiness comes from the process of progressing towards a worthy ideal, much more than the accomplishment.

And yes, I know some movies go on for ages you want to strangle the director like a bobblehead but it will end my friends. So enjoy it while it last!
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    you have made some good points there.

    I think its true that the possibilities for making a success in business now we have the internet are limitless.

    As you say - its the journey to success that is important and we all need to try and enjoy it.
    (although it can be frustrating at times!).

    Best Regards

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