Social Media Analysis for potential clients

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Good Morning Digital Experts,

I have been browsing the Forums and soaking up some great information. I'm posting and looking for as much feedback and guidance on this topic as I can get from the community.

I am a digital marketer primarily focusing on social media. I can facilitate full service social for SMB's, Integrated and/or consulting for larger companies.

My questions are related to dealing with potential clients.

Do you utilize an 'Analysis' of their current social reach? If so, what tools and procedures do you use to create this analysis? How important to your sales process would you rate a social analysis out of 10?

What are the primary areas/items you focus on when doing the analysis? How long, on average, do you spend creating this analysis?

Do you charge for the Analysis or provide it as a value-add as part of your relationship building?

Im having a tough time finding good software to create a decent Analysis without having Logins to potential clients social accounts. There is something I dont know about this topic and Im digging to figure out what it is!

I really appreciate the feedback on this as I know it is an area that I need to make improvements in.. I have been contemplating the right way to approach this, most efficient way to go about it, how much time to spend, what to charge if anything, etc.

Thanks team.

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    Need guidance here, Warriors!
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