Tracking Keywords with Goal Conversions on Google Analytics

by Laksh
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Hey ..

I am trying to track my Bing ppc campaigns using Google Analytics. Is there a possibility to track/get the keywords that got me Goal Conversions or Events?

In my Google Analytics account, Under Acquisition -> Source/Medium .. I see that i have a Conversion as per the default table view. But, when i add 'Secondary Dimension' as 'Destination Page' or some other parameter, i see that 'Goal Conversions' are becoming 0.

When i tried this reporting from Goals -> Overview page .. i am seeing only 'Source/Medium' & 'Goal Completion Location' and no other option to choose from.

Is it even advisable/possible to try this or is there a better way to do this?

I've already got a 3rd party tool to track the actual clicks & conversions. But would like to use GA, if it works or if we could get it worked out.

Thanks In advance !!!
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    BING has their own tracking built in. Go to their knowledge base or reach out to support, they are excellent!


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      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for the reply. If you are referring to the custom tracking @ .. I am looking into that already. I have implemented tracking the clicks & conversions using the regular reports too.

      Reason i am interested in GA integration is, it could give me some more information than just the keywords & conversions which i felt could be used for a different level of analysis, etc.,

      Eg., If i have multiple clicks or links on my landing page ... if i use Bing Tracking, it might be little complicated to set it up. (At least per my knowledge so far & i could be wrong)
      Alternatively, if i use GA and if my website is setup with GA using GTM .. it is easier to setup another Tag & Trigger Event, which i could use for setting up a different Conversion Goal and even can be generalized.

      I could be wrong .. but trying to learn GA part right now .. so, trying to see if this makes sense.

      If it is easier just via Bing platform, thats fine .. but wanted to try & document different ways that are possible and their pros & cons.
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