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I am looking for any information about why there is so much difference in appraisals from different online domain appraisal tools?

godaddy's appraisal tool gives me an appraisal for one of my domains at $989.00 while estibot says the same domain name is only worth $50.00. Others that I cant remember give it an appraisal of between $500.00 to $700.00.

I would also like to know what most people here think is the most accurate online domain appraisal tool is?

Thanks for any help in advance.

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  • Ryan,

    So not sure what your trying to do? Are you reselling domain names? Popular domain names are going to be worth more than others. Also, a seasoned domain (one that is not brand new) is going to be worth more than a new one.

    Intimately what makes a domain valuable is the amount a traffic that it receives. People are going to visit a domain that provide content that people are interested in. So the best thing you can do to increase the value of a domain is to create valuable content.


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    I thought my question was quite specific. Why is there so much difference in appraisal values from different online appraisal tools?

    I know very well what makes a domain name valuable, I wasn't asking about that. I didn't even say anything about that.

    Furthermore, If its just a domain name, and not a website, you cant put content of any kind on it, valuable or otherwise.

    The purpose of this thread isn't to establish a value of a specific domain name, it is to find out why different online domain name appraisal services are so different in there valuations.

    If you don't know the answer to that question, please don't reply. I would rather have no reply's that ones that don't answer the question posed.

    Thank you,
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    Well, there are 'domaining' forums, such as namepros, that you could check. You can always list it on GoDaddy auctions for a high price and see if anyone buys. If you do list it on the auction make sure you market it all over the place, otherwise they can tend to be buried under all the other domains.

    I think it's actually better to sell it as a site, with traffic.
    Domains for sale - see
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    Originally Posted by Ryan767 View Post

    ...why there is so much difference in appraisals from different online domain appraisal tools?
    Because they're all just automated estimates. The estimates are based on different algorithms which rely on varying factors such as the quality of information they collect and the programmer's ability to accurately collate the data into an accurate estimate. Wild swings are common.

    In the end, a domain is worth what a buyer is willing to pay. That's pretty easy to determine by placing it on an auction site. You can set a minimum price so you don't sell for less than you think it's worth.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Originally Posted by Ryan767 View Post

    I would also like to know what most people here think is the most accurate online domain appraisal tool is?


    I don't trust any of the free online tools to give an accurate appraisal. Why? Because most just base the appraisal on the domain length, age, niche, extension, whether it has numbers in the name, etc. And while all of these things can have an impact on people's preferences for a domain name, they don't accurately account for the criteria that serious buyers look at when considering a purchase.

    Many of these free online services actually use the same software behind the scenes. Estimates come back for users differently because different criteria and different weights (emphasis) are placed on those criteria by the various web site owners.

    One thing that is rarely talked about is commercial intent and the online appraisal tools don't consider it. Another criteria that is not generally considered is the niche descriptors of the domain name. Some niches are "money niches" and others are not. There are other issues as well that can only be "appraised" or judged by a human, and then, only subjectively.

    Personally, I think the paid appraisal services that consider many things an "automatic online" estimator can't are more accurate. But in the end, a domain name is only worth what a ready, willing, and able buyer will spend.

    Here's a tip that no one will tell you. The free online estimators mostly exaggerate what a particular domain is worth. Why? Because they want you to get all excited and hyped about how much your proposed domain is worth. They want you to register that domain right now before someone else does. Then, conveniently, they give you their affiliate links where you can buy the domain ... thus making money off your purchase.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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