How to get work orders on fiverr ?

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Hi, As a new seller in fiverr I want to know about how to get many orders on fiverr?
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    The best way to get many orders on Fiverr is to OVER-DELIVER. Always give more than you get paid for, and do your best to please your customer in the best way you possibly can. If you don't have any orders right now and that's what you are after, I'd recommend to lower the price you are charging for your services in about 25% under the entire market, so that people can't help it but give your service a try.

    Once you have some orders going slowly raise the price at 5% increment until you get to the market level of all other sellers on Fiverr in your niche.
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    Rank your gig.
    Choose the correct keywords.
    Use video.
    Offer express delivery if possible.
    Stay online with your phone.
    Use that I'm ready now button (new feature).
    Offer unlimited revision if possible.
    Offer 100% money back guarantee if you can.
    Offer a service/product that has larger market on fiverr.
    Promote your gig on youtube, facebook, forums, etc.
    Offer high quality result for just $5.
    ... and much more to be considered to bring you more fortune.

    I'm learning to draw again ...
    I want to sell my drawing later on!
    Wish me luck, okay?!

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    If you are a fresh candidate, it is not easy to get first work. You have to complete your profile. Make the GIGs as Unique. Paste the gigs link on your social media network & others. If one place an order, do the work within the scheduled time. If you have some positive feedback, you will get order more & more. Thanks for your asking.


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    Hi, I'm same here. I have made a new gig of web 2.0 link building in fiver. I don't understand how to market this gig. But I can assure that, the same package of link building service is highly popular in many marketplace and they charge more than 50%.
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    many many share your GIG on social sites and also shares forum,blogcomments or other methods of SEO.
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    Originally Posted by mohiuddin80 View Post

    Hi, As a new seller in fiverr I want to know about how to get many orders on fiverr?
    The best way to get Fiverr customers is to offer Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed, Unlimited Revisions and also adding an Extra for free. Try to give as much value as you can in each Gig build up positive reviews.
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