How to make money with Auto-blogs and Affiliate on complete autopilot

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The method I will talk about is extremely powerful and tested!

Your main mission is simple...
You will create many autoblogs for many topics
Add your affiliate code ads [Clickbank-Amazon] or any CPA offer
Working and tested with Affiliate and CPA offer.
And you will make your blogs fast to built, easy and complete autopilot [set and forget blogs]
with one domain you can build 10s of autoblogs in subdomains.
The more traffic you get to your blogs the more money you can make.

And I will make it simple and make sense to be understood...

If you have one blog that generates a few little sales every month from Amazon or CPA, in total it is easy to have a blog that can generate only $100 every month with some free traffic.

If you can build 20, 30 or even 50 blogs!
What do you think 50 blogs x $100 every month = $5000

And I make it easier to be good to be true.
If you take only $1000 and scale it to send traffic to those automated blogs, what you think.
Even if you can make only$20 from every single blog every month this is about $1000.

Now you are with me if I can scale this money to send paid and free traffic to my blogs isn't it easy to double my income many times in few months.

I think you got it now.

I was using autoblogs to collect emails in any niche on autopiolt, and I just added one link to one of my automated blogs, it was CPA offer [free site to join] and they give me $2, $4 for every lead.

In first month I made $110 with just one blog and one CPA link and additional $12 from adsens and $285 from affiliate banner ad.
this is about$400 from automated blog.

The blog was about a famous vine star and his short videos is very popular.

What I did is built this autoblog
Integrate it with Facebook fan page, twitter account, Tumblr to post every new post to social media automatically.

All social accounts was fresh new and just created for this automated blog.

I started to get free traffic from social media in the same day I built this blog and made this kind of earning.

So I created a product about this and it is 10 automated blogs, and I also create automation for the blog that made me money, and turned it to done for you money making autoblog and start selling them, it made me additional money and the blogs still generate affiliate comissions too .

What is an Autoblog?

An Autoblog is basically a WordPress blog that automatically fetches the content from the RSS Feeds.
There are only 3 simple steps to make this work:

• You simply setup a WordPress blog
• Add an auto blogging plugin (we will share with you the one we use for free later in this post)
• Set the keywords and the plugin will pull and add the content for you

And this is very simple but I made it more and more simple.
it is just restore the automated turnkey autoblog I made and replace the affiliate link and cpa link with yours and thats it.

When you integrate your social accounts to this blogs, and this is explained, your blogs will start get free traffic from social media as my blogs get free traffic too.
You can set the content to be fetched on an hourly or daily basis.
It's all up to you as to how often you want fresh content to appear on your blog.

When your autoblog starts to rank on Google, you will see a surge of free organic traffic coming in to your blog on complete autopilot.

The more related posts to publish the more organic traffic you will get.
Using this method alone, you can build an empire of money-making autoblogs, and if you scale some reveneus you will make you can increase the earnings.
and then just sit back and enjoy the leads and money coming in.

You only need a hosting with a domain to start building your own empire.

If you make at least 1 Clickbank sale a day (averaging $24/day), that's equal $720/month and the more autoblogs you set up, the more you will make.

Don't want to build an email list?
Not a problem, you can put your Clickbank ad right in your visitor's face as soon as he or she visit your auto blog using the pre installed pop ad.

Collecting email addresses and funneling them into already proven funnel would be the smartest idea.
The only thing we wouldn't advise you to do aggressively with autoblogs is AdSense, because Google Adsense want original content, but the pre-made blogs has a good option, if you can add a text spinnner to your blogs that use with plugin like WP robot, which installed in some blogs you can use adsense too.

If you have any doubt about using Adsense it is ok to use your blogs with Affiliate offers and CPA offers which I originally do with my blog
Buy backlinks to get your autoblogs ranking faster on Google is also good solution.

If you only work to send free traffic to your blogs and this is something you can work on or pay for and when you generate some revenus from your blogs you can use part of it to buy traffic or to buy backlinks to your blogs from sites like Fiverr this will help you to get ranked on Google and get free traffic additional to the traffic you will get from social media on autopiolt.
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    interested, do you have the proof result ?
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    • Profile picture of the author Mohamad Nasr
      Yes my friend
      my blog that made me affiliate comissions and cpa commissions plus some cash on Adsense was autovideo blog about American vine star
      this is my CPA earnings from cpa network [autoaproved network]

      And this is my earnings from warrior plus affiliate

      And few cash from Adsense*

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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Meaney
    What you're encouraging people to do is incredibly stupid.

    It's against the Adsense terms of service.

    If you listen to the OP, you risk putting your Adsense account in jeopardy.

    Read what Google has to say about it.
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    • Profile picture of the author Mohamad Nasr
      You describe what I am saying by incredibly stupid!!

      Thank you anyway, but you only talk about that this method put adsesne at risk and you didn't explain why
      And I not only talking about using adsense, I am talking about amazon and other affiliate networks

      also about cpa offer

      You can not descripe a person who said you put your affiliate links inside your own hosted blog or use cpa offer on autoblog by stupid.

      If you have doubd about adsense it is ok to use other affiliate network or cpa offer.

      At lease I descriped my method which I already using and makes money.

      You do what you want but don't descripe peop[l as stupid Michael

      Thank you
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      • Profile picture of the author Michael Meaney
        Originally Posted by Mohamad Nasr View Post

        You describe what I am saying by incredibly stupid!!

        Thank you anyway, but you only talk about that this method put adsesne at risk and you didn't explain why
        You haven't read the terms of service on GOOGLE'S WEBSITE, have you?

        Even when I linked to them, you still didn't read them.

        That's pretty stupid.
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  • Profile picture of the author Regional Warrior
    Reported to the removal of the thread
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    • Profile picture of the author Mohamad Nasr
      Do you think having affiliate links inside your own autoblogs is not good idea.

      Let me tell you most of the turnkey sites and autoblogs sold 1000/s there nowadays is to only sell this blogs to newbie which will take the produc and add thier own affiliate link and promote the blogs
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  • Profile picture of the author discrat
    Sorry man, but this is so 2008
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    • Profile picture of the author Mohamad Nasr
      I really surprised guys!
      you said using Wordpress blog which you can make it automated or youcan also add your posts manyaly and put your affiliate links on sidebars.

      then you just promote your blogs for traffic, you call it 2008 style
      can you tell me my friend from where the best blogs on the planet makes money if they didn't consider this as basic method for generating encome

      as same ass email marketing and social media marketing
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