How do you serve YOUR affiliates?

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It's been my understanding that you want to set up the products/services you sell, in a way where you can keep in touch with the people that promote your products.

Also, for a long time, I've looked at the standard affiliate-merchant relationship as being similar to that of the relationship between A new sign-up in a Multi-Level Marketing and the distributer that signed them up:

In MLM (my experience) the desired model would go something like this:

- Plug them into training
- Show them the importance of sales tools
- Help them motivate their people
- Work where you're deserved, not needed

Online, there's an interesting paralell that I've been working toward..

- Give them banners for which to attach their affiliate id
- Give them pre-made affiliate google ads
- Give them pre-written pre-sell auto-responder emails to customize and broadcast
- Offer optin so you can keep in contact with them, and let them know about new products to create income with

My questions to you..

1. How far do you go, giving your affiliates what they need? In other words, how many things do you do to serve YOUR affiliates?
2. Where do you draw the line?

The MLM model might be a bad example, but I'm curious to know how many people try to get as close as possible to serving the people that spend their own money on advertising, SEO, and other means to promote your product.

Love to hear your replies!

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