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Greetings Warriors!

Welcome to this week's edition of Top 5 WSOs! Holidays are fast approaching so here's my gift to you guys - 5 gems worth your time.

Disclaimer: All reviews made are solely based on my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the thoughts and insights of the Warrior Forum Team. This article does not in any way promote or advertise any of the WSOs
If you missed out on the previous articles - don't fret as I got you covered. Please refer to the following links if you want to backread.

Enjoy reading!

1. Elna Wiley's 3 Forex Profiter V3.1 (November 2017)

A fresh WSO that deals with reading Forex Signals - a must for any budding Forex Trader. While this is a niche that is quite challenging, Elna has done well with her copy and provides valuable details on what to expect with her software. Membership/subscription costs at around $18 per month with live email updates.

2. Pete's Pay per call Mentor (December 2017)

Pete's Pay per call Mentor program is for individuals who have a knack in Adwords Search Network campaigns. The presentation is very simple and direct to the point and discusses his methods vividly. Albeit the $497 (applying the $100 discount) price may raise eyebrows for skeptics.

3. Mr WF's The Traffic Blueprint (December 2017)

Neat presentation and a lot of info for potential buyers to chew on. Priced at $1, I feel this is a very strong WSO if you're looking for some material in driving traffic to your website. Strongly recommended you try this out.

4. Trey Morgan's Zero To Success With Ecommerce (December 2017)

Another solid course from Trey Morgan. One of the more renown sellers in Warrior Forum, Trey delivers his sales pitch in a direct manner. The build up on this case study is quite good and leads buyers to set a goal for themselves. If you're looking to spur your own eCommerce store, look no further than this.

5. Brian Abrams' The Big Un-Squeeze (September 2017)

How to create squeeze pages is an art that is sometimes taken for granted. Brian's course makes sure that you don't make that mistake. This course will help you create converting squeeze pages. New in creating landing pages? This product is for you.

Thanks and see you all next week!

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