Would love some feedback on my first ever product launch squeeze page

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Hi Warrior,

Please check out my first ever squeeze page and let me know what you think. There is a free ebook in it for you and even more goodies when I launch on Tuesday 13th October.


p.s. if your interested in beta testing for me PM me. SPECIFICALLY IF YOUR A PRO INFO PRODUCT MARKETER
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    link does not work
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    The link works for me... although I don't see why is it redirected via budurl.

    It looks good, the video is short (which is great!) and concise.
    For my conservative taste - a little bit too colourful.

    I guess it has been done with the same product that you are going to sell (I can see in the source that it is a WP powered site). Would be interesting to test it.
    PM sent.

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    yeah it works now

    looks great
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    Optin should always be above the fold. Replace the book with the optin fields.

    Elegant, simple and clean Landing Page Templates for just $7.

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    I love it. Has a different feel than most of the normal squeeze pages.
    Kind of like a minisite effect.

    Good work and good luck with your launch.

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    Thanks PatJ I'll definitely take a look at moving that above the fold.

    Cheers for the feedback so far, sorry about the link issues. Should be sorted now.

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    I don't know how other people feel about this, but if it was me I would have the video play automatically when you load the page. I actually sat there for a second expecting to play on its own.

    Just don't be one of those that hides the controls to the video so the visitor can't stop it. Thats a fast way to get me to leave your page.

    Good looking page though

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    Nice Twitter link thingie!

    Good luck,

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    It's very neatly organized and easy for the eye to read! Nice job on the landing page!
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    Also just noticed this,

    Make it more obvious that the optin on the right is the same one that video is talking about.

    The video says sign up and we will email you about the product launch.

    Which is great, but the sidebar kind of feels like a different product and optin to me.

    I would make the sidebar more obvious that it is for the WP theme.

    i.e. "Sign-Up Now to be notified when the theme is available and get this free report instantly"

    Also, if there is a way you could make the video player stay on the call to action screen at the very end instead of reverting back to the begining of the video that would be good too. So that the visitor is left staring at your call to action with an arrow pointing to your optin box.
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    hey way cool , I like the design any chance you could PM me with the software you used for the video?

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      Get the opt box above fold as mentioned a few times. Also you might want to change "+email address" to "Primary Email address" because many people never even check their other email addresses. You may consider changing the "Get My Free Report" color to a solid orange. Really looks great though....

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    Put the "Get My Free Report" text along with the red arrows above the fold.

    Otherwise, really sharp looking. Looks like the same layout as the recent Keyword Elite squeeze page.

    Have a great day!

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    @Rebtl and everyone else really. I've added a large play button to the video now. How does everyone else feel about auto playing videos. I sometimes feel them to be alittle annoying especially when the sounds booming out.

    Thanks for all this feedback we are implementing some of the changes now. Especially the above fold one as many of you have mentioned this little/big faux pas.
    Keep them coming peeps

    Much Appreciated

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    Implemented that main optin change now. What do you all think?

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    Looks really cool right now.

    To me it looks a neat product also. But that's after I watched the video 3 times and used the pause button a few times to stop every picture in the video with the details.

    I think you should make the video a little bit more longer with the details of every one of the "modules" to stay more.

    Not all the people are native english speakers/readers.

    I wish you the best of luck with your product launch...

    Mike G


    Another thing I just noticed is that your ebook is not perfectly related to your product. Personally, I do need this kind of theme, but I were someone who came to your site and is not interested in your script offer, they may optin if you had a better offer.

    In short, your offer for optin is not appealing enough... I think you should write a short ebook related to your "thing" or offer a free video with a tactic people can use instantly.

    I believe that your optin rate will be a lot higher.

    Mike G

    EDIT: I'm mister edit today lol....

    No seriously now... I just opted in to your early bird list and I think that you better add another twitter banner in it. Why would you spend a page that I have to close when I arrived to it, instead of asking for another call to action?

    Squeeze your visitors, use them and ask for more action... You can also add other social media site's in there...

    Hope this helps.

    Mike G


    I hope not to edit again... I really do.
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    @Mike Hersh
    Thanks for the secondary twitter banner idea! Implementing that reet now! Awesome.
    We feel that the pdf is very closely related to our theme. It's the theory and the theme is the tool to put that theory into practice. Thanks for the advice though maybe we should make it clearer that this is the case?


    Yeah the header will be changed once we go live.
    Thanks for your feedback.

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