Does my affiliate program have the wrong messaging?

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I work for a company that makes high quality dietary supplements. We only just launched our line last year and have done well locally with a few health professionals selling our products. We also became recently available on a large retail vitamin site. I really wanted to duplicate the success I've seen through the health professionals by creating an affiliate program to reach more sellers all over the country.

So far I have tried facebook ads and reaching out to people I have found online who sell essential oils, supplements and other related products. I feel like they could benefit much more from selling our products than an MLM because there's no need to buy any products. But the facebook ads got clicks and no sign ups and of the 50 or so individualized emails I have sent I have heard nothing back. I am wondering if our messaging is off our the offer is just not good enough. I plan to try google ads next but I don't want to put money into it if there is something I am missing.

Should I change the messaging? Add graphics or video? Is there information missing?
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    Hello Sarah, it could be possible that the email copy may need some help, because if the copy does not compel them and they dont see the direct value then they will not respond. Before investing any more funds i would have someone skilled in copy writing take a look to make sure that the reader quickly and efficiently sees the value of a partnership with you.

    Also personally I personally would focus more on benefits and value than graphics/video so as to keep the eyes and attention on becoming business partners

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    Do you provide potential affiliates with sales statistics on your products broken down by key traffic sources?

    Do you provide proven creatives / landing pages that convert?

    How does your payout compare to similar products?

    How often do you pay?

    Will you debit returns?

    Do you have a free trial + S/H offer?

    I'm what is referred to as a super affiliate and these are questions I would want to know.
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