What is your biggest struggle with Affiliate Marketing?

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Hey guys

I want to open a discussions about affiliate marketing, and especially share my biggest struggle that kept me from achieving success as an affiliate marketing.

You see when I first came into the affiliate marketing world my main goal was to make money online. So I mainly focused about myself, I asked myself: How can I make more money?
But then I realized that when you focus about yourself - you won't make any money.

You need to ask yourself the following question:

How can I help others?

Once you focus on how can you help others then you'll be successful because the amount of money you'll make, is based on the amount of people you'll help.

Once you focus on other people and you want to help them solve their problems, you'll start to look for products that can help them, you'll give them bonuses that can benefit them and then when they will buy from you a product that can solve them a problem you'll get commissions so its a win-win situation.

So the lesson that I learned is:
Focus on OTHER people.

And now I ask you:

What is your biggest struggle with affiliate marketing?
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