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For a business owner how much amount to invest in his business for internet marketing or digital marketing?
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    Your question is too vague to answer.

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    Opaque statement. But in a general sense, If you want to digitize maketing, then you need to be highly skilled.
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    .so wat do u think invest or not
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    This can't be something that anyone could tell you. What i can tell you is just that it really depends on your budget, and also how much does your business brings back to you, so all this should be considered when you are thinking about your business online. One thing you should also consider, will be also what type of way you want to interact online, it will really be a huge factor in your budget!
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    What kind of business? A Shopify store for jewelry? A blog where you sell your own information products about raw food for dogs? A website where you make affiliate sells for exercise equipment for men over sixty?

    The options are many and so are the answers. We can't help you if we don't know what business model you plan to use.

    You can build a blog or website without spending much money. But how are you going to advertise? That's where you often need a larger budget. Or do you have more time than money? In which case you'll need to use social media and guest blogging.

    Should you invest or not? No one can answer that for you.

    I could go on and on but the point remains...we need more information to help you.

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    I'll take a stab at it. Insta-business:

    > $3000 for ad spend...you have to figure this stuff out and it costs money for the trial and error

    > $1000 for an OK website

    > $1000 for coaching, minimum.

    You have to learn traffic and conversion and you are NOT going to figure that out quickly on your own, especially if you are starting from zero. That's what the coach is for.

    People are always looking for "the one right way" to do something but there are a zillion ways to succeed. The essence, though, is to bring people who likely want what you offer to the offer (traffic) and turn some into buyers (conversion). Everything else is window-dressing.

    If you don't have minimum $5K to invest then expect it to take you a long time to figure things out. The dribble of traffic you'll be able to generate for free will make it take forever for you to learn how conversion works.
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    What do you bring to the table? How much experience do you have in online business and marketing? As others have said, there is no set amount for what will be required.

    You can purchase an already functioning and earning business if you have the money. But that is not a wise way to start without knowing how to execute daily business tasks.

    You can start with nothing, use free resources, and build a business over time . . . but it will take you a long time to great effort to learn everything as you grow.

    You have to make the decision about the best approach for your own personal situation. And even if you bring lots of cash to the table, there is still a good chance your business will fail. More important is how well you learn and apply yourself daily to smart business practices.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    That you cannot determined my friend. It might be more or less depending on the business model you want to go for cause you'll need sales funnels, steady and quality traffic, list building and so on and most importantly you will need to test the waters, test various sales funnels and campaigns till you find a winning campaign. Hope this helps
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    Need some more info to answer this question.

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    Originally Posted by dwiplomatic View Post

    For a business owner how much amount to invest in his business for internet marketing or digital marketing?
    With digital marketing do you mean "digital products"? If so, you dont need much money to start. I would say around $500. That's enough to develop product(s), graphics, website, ads, and marketing campaign.

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