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Hey guys,

I'm kinda new to this forum and the "making money online" world.
Been wasting most of my teenage years and early 20's playing video games and stuff and decided to get serious and started making money online like everybody else here. I have a instagram meme page where i post funny memes (obviously) and i have been growing it now for like a half year with a instagram bot. Got me like 8k followers (not sure if it's good for half year but hey the followers are all real atleast) and this was more kinda like a test. Now i have been thinking i can't really make money with that page so i decide to try freelancing and help people grow their instagram. Unfortunately the people offering jobs there don't want to work with bots/automatisation stuff and want someone who is a real expert and experienced in instagram. So i am kinda thinking is there any other way/ideas i can do something with this (instagram growing) or i should i just drop and try something else?

Sorry if i made some mistakes as english is not my motherlanguage and if this has been asked before. I am really new to all this stuff and this forum
Thanks in advance!
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