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by SeanyG
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We're about to do a product launch on Clickbank and we'll be getting approval from Clickbank shortly.

Here's the question:

What do guys usually do with their page between the time where they are approved and the day their Launch goes live?

Do they have a count down timer? A blank page?

Anyone know?


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    I have mostly seen an opt in form so people can sign up for your pre-notification list to be notified of your launch and be emailed just before launch. A countdown timer would also be good.

    Also a small tip. putting a website in clickbank doesn't gaurantee you will get affiliates. One small thing you can do is submit your affiliate program to affiliatefirst and then have them submit your program to 50 affiliate directories for you. I think its about $59. I used them a got a few affiliates for one of my sites.


    Edit - AffiliateFirst offer is not available for now.
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    The best thing to do is to put an opt-in to capture emails while your product is awaiting approval. However, if it's a new site and doesn't have any SERP rankings, you don't yet have affiliates/JV partners, then it's probably not receiving much traffic.

    One thing you can do is find similar (but not exactly the same) products and approach those product owners to ask to do a promotion. You might not have a list yet to offer them, but if your affiliate payout % is good, they might be willing to mail their list.

    Make sure you create the standard "affiliate pack" (graphics, suggested keywords, email content, etc) that way when potential affiliates do find your site, they know you're professional and are trying to help them make money.
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    Sean hey,

    are you planning any kind of pre-launch for the product?

    Video with an opt in works well, or perhaps a timer like you mentioned.

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      I second Alex: squeeze page with video and a single opt-in works magic.
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    The pre-launch period is critical to create "buzz". Use your landing page to get visitors pre-sold on your product and on your pre-launch mailing list. Do you have any free content prepared to give away? If you need any help, let me know.
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