5 Powerful, Almost Unheard Of Ways To Explode Your Article Page Views

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Hi Warriors,

A few months back I posted a thread in the old Warrior forum about a method to get more traffic to your articles, and how it begets more traffic. It's called a "Secret" Method To Get 10x More Article Traffic". Already, I have seen a few article marketers use it to deadly effect.

The Warrior Forum - A "Secret" Method To Get 10x More Article Traffic

I've devised 5 powerful ways to explode your article page views, so it begets more traffic.

1. Post article links at forums. Find forums in your niche, and post articles as supporting points to your arguments, post them in your signature file, or simply use the 'complete, but incomplete' method. Post the first half of your article, then link to your actual article.

2. Build a massive social list at Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Post bulletins or post a simple link back to your article. This strategy can be particularly effective for Twitter to get more views for your articles.

3. Send the link of your article to your list. Your list gets content and you get the page views which will exponentially grow your traffic.

4. Attach links to your articles in your autoresponder signature. This is the part where you usually put in your copyright notice or links to your products. You'll get traffic from every mailing you send out. But test this, because the more links you have in your email, the more choices you are giving your subscribers. And that might equate to less sales.

5. Use traffic exchanges to promote your articles. BUT, don't promote the articles directly themselves, that might be considered as sending spammy traffic to the article directories. Instead, use a 2-step marketing process. Create a simple web page where you post the first half of the article, then put a big link back to the full article. Then use traffic exchanges to send the traffic to that page.

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