Why Organic Traffic is most Important in all type of traffic?

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Why Organic Traffic is important and how to get more organic traffic to website and blog?
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    Organic traffic is traffic you are not paying for. When your websites, blogs or posts are being shared all over the web it becomes viral and gives you amazing amounts of organic traffic.
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    IMO almost all traffic is important.
    Organic traffic is great because it's free and often can be medium to high quality.
    I personally like organic traffic from seo and social media
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    It is not important than any other sources. Every targeted traffic source is just great.

    People just takes much effort in it because its free and if you do SEO properly than the traffic can keep coming for a very long time.
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    Organic is free traffic. For most marketers, I suspect that the time they put into generating it, that they would have made more money at a minimum wage job.

    Once you have a process that can take cold paid traffic (volume) and generate a 2X or better (ideally higher) ROI...that to me would be to me the most important traffic.
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    Give me laser targeted PPC traffic any day...

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    It's because it's free and you earn in natural way such as social traffic
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    Organic was so 2009

    Of course it will always be beneficial but after the Algos were implemented not quite as relevant as it once was
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    Paid or organic--any kind of site traffic is alright in my book. Traffic is traffic, after all. In the end, what really matters is getting conversions, sales, etc. Although I do understand why other people say organic traffic is important. It's "free" after all (unless you had all the work that came with it outsourced to some SEO expert VA), and it's the kind that'll keep coming if you're doing your SEO right.
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    Organic traffic isn't the "most" important traffic source but it can be a great one after you've ranked your website. If you're looking for "fast" traffic it's ppc all day. If you have time to wait and bank, SEO it is.
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    Organic SEO traffic is fine, but who said it was the "best"? Social media traffic has made people millions. Traffic exchanges have made people 6-figures. People on ebay selling information products (and other products) are making 6-figures. PPC and website/blog advertising are making people millions. JV traffic is making people milllions. Video marketing traffic is making people 6-figures.

    With all of these other options.... why would you limit yourself mentally to just 1 source of traffic? The question is, do you know what to do with the traffic once you get it?

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    Instagram marketing has helped me the most to gain organic traffic to my website and blog through the link in my bio. Since Instagram's algorithm changed though, I have faced more difficulties gaining followers and engagement. I kind of had all my eggs in one basket with Instagram, so I had to figure out how to keep my quality page alive and growing.

    So I found out, Instagram's new algorithm is all based on engagement. If almost all of your followers are liking or commenting on your posts, you have a good engagement rate. A high engagement rate shows Instagram that you make good content that your followers value, so Instagram's algorithm will not only put you at the top of your followers' feeds but will also make you more visible for new followers on both the explore page and popular hashtags in your niche. Inversely, if you have a lot of followers that don't interact with your content, this tells Instagram you don't make good content, so they limit your organic discoverability.

    Organic traffic is preferable, people coming across your account from a popular hashtag, visiting your page, and following you and liking your content willingly. However, organic growth is so slow with the new algorithm. I started using follow/ unfollow and that has been very effective for me as long as I block the new followers that end up being ghosts. Some people follow back just to be courteous, while others follow back and end up really liking my content and engaging (so they don't mind that I unfollowed). At the end, I block those that followed back only to be courteous as they become ghost followers and hurt my engagement rate (vital in Instagram marketing).

    But I mainly just focus on creating good content so my current, engaged followers stay engaged. I use EngagementGenie.com to do the follow/ unfollow and liking in my niche for me as well as manage my ghost followers because ain't nobody got time for that
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    Organic traffic converts very well compare to any other sources that's why it is considered as one of the best traffic sources. Organic traffic comes from search engines are of high quality and if you are doing affiliate marketing than it will be a great choice for you.

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