My First $100 Day!!! YIIIHHHHAAAAAA

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i came across this post in a forum and i think
i should share with all here especially the newbies...

Ok,this newbie made $103.38 with all the FREE methods,
that is bum marketing or rather just writing and
submitting articles to

Yes, articles writing is still alive and you still get tons
of quality traffic that will give you your sale.

Just make sure you don't write rubbish or copy other
people's content and submit.

Don't know how to write an article?

Just go to and yahoo answers, find out
the common questions and use them as your article titles.

what about the content of the article? just take the answers
that other helpful folks post on the 2 websites above as a reference
for the content of your article.

This method has worked well for me and I can generate tons of fresh
articles day after day.

Hope this will help you to make your 1st sale soon.

Stop thinking and just keep writing articles right NOW!
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    Congrats my friend. Always nice to hear success stories.

    I look forward to seeing how far you can take it.

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      Congratulations thomashoi on getting your 1st sale.

      I just made my 1st sale this week too and it's a great feeling. Take that
      energy and write some more articles and I'll be looking for your next post
      that says my first $1,000 Day!!!
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    Congratulations on your success... Now don't get complacent and scale up your earnings... Move into another niche and repeat the steps that you did for your niche...

    Good luck

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    That's fantastic!

    About how many articles do you have? Do you slap them on a site like ezinearticles and then just forget them or do you promote them / add backlinks, etc?

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    Well done on your first $100 day, I love seeing these threads, gives real belief to people and shows it can be achieved if you apply yourself and believe in yourself.

    Way to go, keep up the good work.

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    Congratulations....Nice to hear success story like this. This would inspire others who has hesitations on this line of career.

    Keep up the good work. God bless.

    Please read the sig file rules

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    Originally Posted by Richard Odell View Post


    In your sig panel its say "My first $1000 In A Day".

    Which came first? :confused:
    He said that he came across that post in another forum of a newbie who had recently had his first $100 day. He just didn't do a good job at quoting it properly.

    I'm pretty sure thomas has a thread about his first $1000 day here somewhere.
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      Nice one, man. It feels great, doesn't it? If you can get that $100 to be consistent, try branching out and diversifying your methods. It's always a good idea to have multiple sources of traffic and income in IM.

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      • Profile picture of the author japaneseboxcut
        Congratulations, 100 dollars is almost what I make at my back breaking labor job, I can't wait until I can start making 100 dollar days consistently.
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    congrats on 100 $ , i do earn online but with doing some freelancing work.. like website designing , seo and all that .
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