AMAZON S3 Product Delivery "Will this work?"

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So, I want to deliver 3 large mp3's, 1 pdf, and 1 .zip folder with all of them in it.

I joined Amazon Web Services and signed up for Amazon S3, and is it really this easy???

So far I only made a test bucket and uploaded a random mp3, tried it out and it seemed to work, but I saw videos on youtube that made S3 seem insanely complex, but here's what I did for my test before building my thank you page, I'M about to be a Clickbank Vendor YAHOOO!!!!

Ok so I made a test bucket, uploaded a test mp3, and I did not use any folders or anything, I just uploaded the mp3 straight to the bucket.

Then, I clicked next on everything and left everything default, and then I clicked the mp3 I uploaded and went to permissions I think... it was a few days ago, anyways from permissions then I went to metadata and then from meta data I did content-disposition = attachment.

Oh yea, and I also made the mp3 public on READ ONLY.

After that, I copied the link and pasted it into the web browser and the pop up box popped up that says "save file as" JUST LIKE I WANTED YYYYEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not at all want to file to just open in a web browser, I wanted the save as box to pop up SO FRICKEN AWESOME YESSSSS!!!!!

I clicked save as and everything worked YES!!!!

So, I haven't touched anything since then, I deleted the test bucket and the mp3, and for the last few daysI'm thinking, all I have left to do is make my thank you page and then make a vendor clickbank account and submit my product for review... d@mn.... that's insane.

I'd rather make 50 dollars a month as a clickbank vendor than work 40 hour a week at McDonalds for 2 grand a month or whatever that would pay. That 50 can turn into millions with time, that 2 grand can't turn into anything with time...

Anyways, is it really this easy, Amazon s3??

Can I just make a bucket, upload my 3 mp3's, 1 pdf, and 1 .zip and then do that same thing for all of them, and then just copy the link for each and put that link in my download buttons and then people will click my download button and the save as box with pop up and they'll click download???? Is this real life??? How did I get to this point????

All Amazons3 videos looked so insanely complex, and then I saw a video where a guy did what I'm doing, only he use folders, and he gave read and write access to the public, but I read through what amazon says when I signed up for s3 and they HIGHLY recommended to never give write access to public, I have no idea what that means, I have no clue why that guy did it or why he used folders, I the thing is, yea I tested it I saw it works, but is there something that I don't know, and I don't know that I don't know it, and if I knew it I'd know it would be a bad idea to deliver my product like this, or will this work perfectly fine and I'm all good to go?

Also do I just take the link from each product and just paste it into the download button? Would there be any reason to use bitly and shorten/change that link or should I just take the amazon s3 link and just put it right in my download button???

Clickbank! Clickbank! Clickbank! Clickbank!

I just can't wait! to be a Clickbank Vendor!!!!!!

Oh yea I had one more thing I was going to ask... How do i back up my site for free with no experience I'm using wordpress... is it even something to worry about? Won't I be able to just message hostgator if my site has a problem or what do I need to know is there a plugin?

I can't believe I actually for real did all this and I'm actually for real about to be a Clickbank Vendor lol holy f***.
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    Would there be any reason to use bitly and shorten/change that link or should I just take the amazon s3 link and just put it right in my download button???
    I always use prettylink for downloads so I can tell how many people actually download, how many times, etc. Just for my own curiosity.

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    Yes... it's pretty much that easy.

    But - you may not have to upload the mp3's and the pdf file.

    So, I want to deliver 3 large mp3's, 1 pdf, and 1 .zip folder with all of them in it.
    If the .zip file contains all of the other files, that is all you will need to upload. After download, the customer can unzip that one file to retrieve the individual files.

    You can further protect your downloads by making the bucket "private", dynamically generating a new download link every time your download page is displayed, and expiring the link on that page so that the link cannot be passed around to others - but that takes a little more effort and some PHP code to accomplish.

    NOTE Amazon S3 doesn't have anything called "folders", but a "bucket" is the logical equivalent of a folder.

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      Hmm, maybe they changed it recently because the main video I got the idea from, he was using folders inside of his bucket, and he was saying to make a new folder for each file, but it looks like his idea worked without me using the folders, and leaving write on private, because he was putting read and write permissions both on public but when I was reading through when I signed up I saw Amazon said they highly recommend I only make read public but not write, so awesome, looks like his idea worked even easier than he was doing it!

      That's super awesome you can have the download link change every time, but I think that's deeper than I ever want to go, but I think there's somethingthat works with clickbank called dlguard or something and I think it might do something similar to make it harder to just share the download page url, but who knows, maybe once I'm comfy with everything and don't feel like I'm in the unknown, then maybe I actually will feel comfortable enough to try and learn something like that, but for now, I have to just hope my thank you page isn't shared too much and once I have money I can see whatclickbank recommended because I saw some people here say dlguard or something and I think another one, and I'm pretty sure clickbank mentioned both too on one of their pages, so once i'm up and running and have money, I'm going to try and secure my thankyou page if it's not too much and not too hard, like doingit through s3 is for sure out of my ability right now..

      Oh yea, and I wanted to have a download for each file separately and a .zip just so it feels like more, and for people that have no clue how to open a .zip but I will leave instructions on how to do that where the download button is for the .zip file. Oh yea, it's kind of weird, 1 mp3 is the product, the other 2 are 2 separate bonuses, that's another reason I want to have individual downloads because they are unannounced bonuses so it'll be a little surprise, say a bit about the bonus, and then have the download button for it, and at the bottom have a .zip with everything, and then they can choose if they just wantto download the .zip, or if they want to download each individual file, or if they want to download each individual file and the .zip folder... but yea, looks like this is going to work, AWESOME! I think you were the one that recommended s3 to me if I remember right, if you were, thanks a LOT because if you didn't recommend that to me I would have never heard of it.
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    Originally Posted by Clickbank Lover View Post

    Anyways, is it really this easy

    "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for . . ." (Excuse me Neil Armstrong)

    Clickbank Lover, not to curb your enthusiasm or rain on your parade, but, yes, this task is really pretty easy. There are dozens of these little "chores" that go into setting up a selling system. These are the simple, easy, learnable and repetitive tasks that go into selling online. This is the basic stuff that you will do over and over and over again if you last in IM.

    Keep your enthusiasm up because the difficult parts of Internet marketing lie ahead - like gathering a targeted buying audience, writing motivating sales copy, creating compelling offers, driving traffic to your promotions and web sites, converting that traffic to paying customers, staying focused and on-point when things don't go like you wanted, and many other "not so easy" moving parts of profitable online business.

    Congratulations on your first step in this thousand mile journey!


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      Trust me, submitting my first product for review to become a Clickbank Vendor is nowhere near my 1st step, but yea, there's still a thousand more miles, lol, this is just the start and it took a thousand miles for me just to get to the start.
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    Have you advertised the launch?
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      No, I can't wait until I'm on that level though, maybe my next product, but I have at least 2 upsells I'm going to make for this one first...
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    Yes, i think this would be easy.
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      Yup, I got my thankyou page done today, it looks really nice, and downloads just how I want with the pop up box where you click 'save file'. Awesome!
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