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What is the difference between getting a domain that has a .com/.net to a .info
Does it affect the ranking on any of the search engine.
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    That's right, the .com doesn't matter with regard to search, however, from a business standpoint .com domains are more desirable to users psychologically (this also depends on who your target audience is), simply because familiar media (like facebook, google, yahoo,twitter et cetera) bear the same domain suffix.

    Personally i would advice you to buy all domain options if you foresee that your successful site will have competition that might want to steal your loyal customers. These competitors do this by optimising their sites better than you while using the same url's that bear different domain names OR preying on user typos that suggest their suffix.

    Paying a few bucks extra to buy off all the domain suffix that exist for your site name won't hurt you and can help you in the long term if you come up with a highly competitive site.

    Hope this helps!
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      Google and other search engines don't care about the extension to a domain name - the surfing public out there like a .com because they can relate to it and remember it more easily. Therefore good domains for sale with a .com extension usually go for more money.

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        IMO - I like to list as follows:

        .COM - if i can
        .Net - comes in second
        .ORG - last

        Dot Com just carries more weight with people, when most people type in a URL they automatically go for the .com
        Thats the way we have been conditioned, whether google pays more attention to them is up for debate.

        TIP: not many people do this but check out expiring domains, i have picked up some nice .com's with a PR4 or higher.
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    thanks guys for all the advice why I asked was when I wanted to buy a domain usually a .com/.net I found out that the .info was way below the usual price. I thought to myself there must be a reason why it is this low. Well now I know better.
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    Hello warriors,

    I always try to buy .com or I like the fact that they are easier to sell in the future. I still think that search engines do rank a .com better than a .net or .info

    I also dont like .net or .info it looks cheap and the preceived value is low in my opinion

    If I am going to spend time building a site I rather spend my time on a domain that is going to have some value

    Good luck

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    .com domains are the toast of online searchers. A searcher who does not know a website's extension would always type a .com after the website name. So many people automatically feel a .com should come after a website URL. So, to me I rank them as follows :
    .com = First
    .org = Second
    .net = Third
    .others = Last
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