Does a landing page help for better conversion?

by cob123
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Hi, I have promoted gambling websites (online casinos) as an affiliate for years and make some money from them. I have just placed ads of casinos on some of my high traffic websites: ad -> casino website (normally registration page). I have noticed that very few visitors who click to casino website signup to the casino. What do you think does a good landing page help to get more signups? I mean: ad -> LP -> casino site. Thanks for any replies.
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    without actually seeing the landing page you are using. No one can be sure.

    Does the casinos offer any discounts or extras for their affiliates. Sort of like Deposit $100.00 and get another 100.00 bonus. If they do you should be using that to get their email and on the thank you page send them to the casino. Let the casino close the deal


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    Are your "high traffic websites" that you mention related in some way to gambling or casinos?

    If not, you're sending cold non-targeted traffic to the casinos expecting people to sign up. Very few will.

    IMO, you'd be much better off targeting your ads to casino/gambling traffic, sending the traffic to a squeeze page with a free offer (preferably from the destination casino web site) and then for those that sign up, send them to the destination site. You will be building an email list of subscribers that you can market to again and again.

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      Yes, the most important site is related "traditional" gambling games' results in my country (20k-30k unique visitors/month).

      The problem is that if I make website like "casino reviews" or something like that, I can't drive enough traffic to this site in anyway.

      Thanks for help I have to consider to start to build email list with a free offers or something like that.
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