Is it possible to earn money with micro niches?

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Is it possible to earn money with micro niches in unusual topics? Is this a good way to test out niches and to see whether it's something to build into a niche site? How do you recommend achieving this? A blogger blog or tumblr? Any ideas about unusual niches that would work with this?
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    Basically you promote products from the site and earn commission when a purchase is made. You can go with Amazon, Clickbank or ClickSure to choose a product and promote it. I normally prefer Clickbank over Amazon or any other network as the commission rate is quite high there.
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    I would say likely yes but would need an example to make sure I understand what you mean.
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    As long as at least some people are searching for it.

    I personally prefer small, easily dominated niches.

    A blogger blog or tumblr?
    A self-hosted site with your own domain.

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    I think so, with the constant algorithmic updates, Google has made sure that no site with crappy content stays on top of the SERPs. The focus is shifted to quality over quantity. You can still rank your niche site
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    warrior forum has tons of info posted by lots of wise warriors

    you seem to be asking questions without even searching

    I recommend you to do a search, you will find lots of good information
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    Yes you can but you might run into scaling issue if the niche is small.

    I prefer to always self host my blog because its much safer as you own your data and are not subject to any 3rd parties.

    You start with cheap shared hosting and upgrade to a bigger server later when you need it.
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