Have you tried creating content for the Amazon Kindle?

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For those of you who haven't heard of Kindle, it's Amazon's electronic book hardware. Basically, you're able to use it to read electronic content -- books of all sorts, and the Kindle isn't backlit so it's like reading off real paper, so they say.

I recently came across the fact that people are writing novels and such especially made for the Kindle.

I was wondering whether anybody has tried this, and whether they've been able to monetize it successfully.

I think it's something to test anyway, so if you have a staff of writers or know someone or can write yourself, whatever -- I'm not sure of all the rules and such, you'll have to dig for yourself -- maybe you should look into that.

This wasn't made so much as a tip, but I'd like to see if anybody finds any good results from it, so if it works as a good tip for anybody I'm all for it.

I've not tested it myself -- I'm actually not in the business of making money online at this moment... but I'd like to be.
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