Any advice on clickbank upsells and how it works on clickbank?

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Once my first product is approved, I want to stat working on an upsell, but I have no clue how upsells work on clickbank. Is it once they buy, they are brought to my upsell page instead of my thank you page? And if that it how it is, then when they buy the upsell, which thankyou page would they go to first, or do I make a new thank you page where it has download links for the upsell too? Also should I write out like a long sales page for the upsell, or have it super short or what? Also I'm planning on having 2 upsells, is that good or should I have a lot? I don't want to overwhelm customers, pretty much I want them to pick a cheaper or more expensive upsell, one or the other... would it be the more expensive one pops up first, and if they buy they don't even show the cheaper one, and if they refuse the first offer, then they show the cheaper one, or even if they buy my upsell will it still try to get them to buy another one? Dang, it'd actually be pretty fricken awesome if it stops offering once they buy because then yea, I could make like 4 upsells, offer 97 reject offer 27 reject offer 67 they accept and it doesn't even show offer 17. Something like that, or if they bought the 97 offer at the start, then clickbank won't even offer any other of the upsells, is that how it works? That would be awesome! I don't know anything about it and can't findmuch info on youtube... I'm really curious on how upsells work specifically on clickbank so I can start strategizing...
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    I don't know what you're 'taking' - but I want some.

    Use the search function to read entire threads here about 'funnels' and 'upsells' and clickbank, too.

    You are asking for basically a full e-commerce course - yet most of the information you need is already on this forum. You'll get better advice here if you ask specific questions that show you've done your part to learn something about the topic you are asking about in several threads.

    Still - wish I had that much energy.
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      My question is what's up with upselling on clickbank, and how does it work on clickbank specifically... I just saw yesterday they have an auto-upsellwhich seems cool they automaticallyoffer another vendors product and I'll get acommission, howdoes it work if i have my ownupsells though, it'll show one of my upsells and if they buy it won't show the next orit will show the next anyways? And will it still show a randomvendors product if they reject my upsells or what? I don't know how to find this info I'm notlooking for upsell strategies i'm not looking for a course I just want to know how it works on clickbank specifically soI can strategize.
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