Domain Registration Tips for better Search Engine Rankings

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Some of the tips that I noted down while I was learning from a DVD program. I hope you find it useful...

  • Instead of having a lot of domains for your business, just use one. Let your home page be your hub which links out to several parts of your website. You can place an RSS aggregator which displays the latest posts from You can place links to latest products in your e-store. Get the latest topics from your forum and place it in your homepage hub.
  • It is not very efficient to have,, … instead, just have and put the other services in the trailing slash… like Even the big G has their most important business at instead of Look at Yahoo, they have a great website at You can see all big players follow this strategy. Why not you?
  • Register your domain for more than 5 years if you are serious about your business. Black hatters usually register a domain for only 1 year because they are trying something which may or may not work. Google trusts older domains and domains registered for many years in the future.
  • Do not use hyphens. It reduces your authority because everyone knows that you registered it because you cannot grab the domain which was without hyphens, so it immediately puts you in a low status.
  • Use short domain names. Four or five word domain names suck. No one would want to type it if the website spreads through word of mouth.
  • If your site’s content is meant for India, then have a .in domain. Google will give you better results in the site. Same goes for other websites. If it is international, go for .com, forget other TLDs.
  • Avoid having domain names closely resembling other domains. Obvious.
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