Which payment gateway is the best to sell my info products? (Stripe, PayPal, WooComerce, Send Owl, ClickBank, etc.)

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Hey guys! I just finished my sales page (the 1st version of it) and now im trying to set up my checkout page, but there are sooo many options, I'm confused as to which one to choose??

1. Which one is the best? Im currently looking at using clickbank since they seem to be on parr with what i want to do (like 1-click-upsells, have affiliate, they take care of the refunds...)

2. When my competitor's checkout page says "powerd by stripe", does that mean they use stripe as their payment processor?

3. I build my sales page using the DIVI theme from elegant themes... will i be able to track the number of clicks?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks dudes and dudesttes!
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    Depends on your target market. Some peoples on US will choose PayPal and Stripe payment gateway for checkout.
    But, because PayPal is the most payment processor used by peoples in the world, I prefer PayPal as choice for your payment processor options.
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    PayPal for sure. I use it more and more.
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    Pay Pal definitely gets my vote, I personally have never had any issues with them, being so well known and widely accepted definitely seems to help because those who do business with you as well as you as the business entity paypal has for me always been very supportive, responsive and helpful when there were any issues which for me personally in the numerous years i've used them never had an issue
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    There is a difference between payment gateways and marketplaces. For example stripe, paypal are payment gateways... Clickbank is a marketplace that uses stripe, paypal to accept payments but does the other things you mentioned, like 1-click-upsells, have affiliate.

    The best market place depends on your product really, for IM type products JVZoo or Warrior+Plus probably... Clickbank is good for just about everything really...

    You can track clicks with the marketplace tracking or some other 3rd party tracking cloud based or wordpress plugin...
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    I have some ebooks selling using Clickbank and yes, they are good in terms of managing affiliates and have a marketplace that will help you build affiliates as you grow your sales.

    I also have other ebooks and digital products selling using combination of 2CO and Paypal - have even had my own merchant account in the past. For these, I use Ejunkie...gives me the front-end catalog and affiliate management capabilities like Clickbank and allows you to link multiple payment systems to them and generate payment buttons.
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  • I like Paypal the most, then next would be 2checkout then Clickbank. Paypal is fast and swift, you can get a paypal debit card, they automatically send you new cards before your old one expires on you, and alot of people around the world uses. Every vendor has their pros and cons - but Paypal gets my vote.
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    I use woocommerce plugin.
    no matter what theme is used, with woocommerce we can integrate with paypal

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    I believe, ClickBank is the best choice for you, many marketers will help you in selling your book
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    It Depends on you, but paypal i think is the most convenient.
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    I've built my own wordpress website and am using the alidropship woo plugin, however I have not begun yet (my website is still in development) because of the business side of things.

    Payment gateways.
    If you don't have capital, a credit card or if you have a credit card that has a very small limit, how do you get around making your first order?

    For instance, the items I want to sell are more expensive than the credit limit allocated to me by my CC.

    Is using the BACS payment method superior for individuals with no startup capital to using paypal? Stripe is not available in my country and I'd like to use open source software.

    Regarding paypal, I am not sure how long it takes for the funds to be accessible, but I imagine that once they are, only then can I deposit the money into my own account, which will take another few days, and only then can I place the order.

    Please correct me if I am wrong, hopefully someone with experience can speak on this matter, but is this how the process really is if I use the individuals funds by relying on paypal only?

    I am from south africa so I am not sure if there is anything different.

    I look forward to your response
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    Check G2A Pay.
    They offer multiple currencies - this was crucial for my ecommerce as my products consist mostly of digital gift cards, which means that my potential customer can be located anywhere in the world
    Payment options - same point, if you are planning to go international then g2a pay supports local and global options (they cover PayPal, Skrill, credit cards)
    Hope it helps
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    I would also recommend G2A PAY, the integration process is very easy and all you have to do is insert your full name and phone number.
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