how come some blogs are rewriting articles and acknowledging/linking to the source ?

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These sites rewrite other site's articles and then at the end H/T the source and link to it ! what are they doing ? i feel there are tricks of the trade i'm missing here. They may even use the same image of the original article or rewrite from a high profile site.How are they getting away with this? it is negotiated? (i doubt high profiles sites (like Tiny Buddha) would allow for this , i am in the wellness/natural remedies sector and i see SOME blogs doing this consistently.
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    Could they be guest posts - or taken from article directories? Do you know? Can you prove they are rewrites and not curated content? Sometimes it is syndicated content provided by various authors to more than one site - sometimes it is syndicate content from an agency (larger sites) where site owners pay to use the content.

    We can guess at what others are doing on their sites - but do you KNOW what is happening? Unless someone is taking your content and using it, how does it affect you? It's true some unethical sites will take work of others, rewrite it and call it their own....until they take content from a site owner who protects his property.
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    It really depends on how they are writing their article or blog, if they are listing their source at the end of each article or blog then they are giving credit to their original source, also they are allow to use a certain percentage of the article to make it legal and not plagiarism, which means most likely what they are doing is legal. One way to look at it is to think back to your High School or College days. When you write a for a class at the end of each report that you have done you would have to provide your reference. So I would think its the same concept with this situation.
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    Hi HS,

    This happens quite often with my blog posts and guest posts.

    I write it off as the price of being all over the place in my niche

    No big deal.

    No way to stop it as your scale increases.

    Be flattered. Most bloggers are entirely ignored. If folks want to rewrite and link or even not link, you are doing something right.

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