Which domain I choose with www or non www for my startup ?

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Hello Warriors,

I need your suggestions and advise. Which domain URL I choose for my new startup. for example, http://www.abc.com or http://abc.com. I saw many good brands take domain non-www like inbound.org, neilpatel.com etc. many more. Why they do not take domain with www. Any Mechanisim work behind this domain preference terminology. If yes please give your suggestions.
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    No difference. Some people say they do it for SEO benefits. I dont rely on SEO though. I use the non [www] when promoting my site for the sake of space, and quick readability. Other than that, just make sure your domain name is relevant to what you are selling.

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    There's no difference between those two. Using "www" or not is depending on your local acceptance. In some Asian countries, people would prefer to see "www" in front of a domain name... especially in the printing version. So, if you also do offline marketing with brochure, name card and perhaps a local newspaper classified ads... then you may want to use the prefix of "www" in front of your domain name. But today... I think people already aware with domain name without a "www" on it.

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    It doesn't matter what you choose as long as you do good SEO work for your site. Everything will turn up just fine.
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      Thanks for your suggestions.
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    I may not make a difference, depending on what you are doing with the link. Most people are used to using www, so you should make sure that both URLs end up on your site.


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      Yes, my domain has a small name so i can go with www. Thanks for your suggestions.
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    The most important is to make sure that both www and non-www are working, in some cases, the non-www won't redirect to the www version and the other thing is to add canonical link ref to avoid having duplicated contents in search engines.
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      I will keep in mind your redirect suggestion.
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    How different markets around the world feel about it, I cannot say. In the U.S., it wouldn't make one bit of difference.

    For SEO, it doesn't matter.

    Just make sure you redirect the version you are not using to the preferred version.
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    Mike Friedman (above) has the right answer.

    Read what Google has to say about it.

    When all else fails . . . go to the source. People guessing on a public forum is not the way to get good answers for your questions.


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    There is no difference between the two. But i personally prefer www. domain
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      Yes, I will go with www. Thanks for your advice.
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    There is not much difference between non www to www but ensure to have one version of have it, as both version will create duplicate issues for the website. I mostly prefer to have www version of the website rather than non www
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    There is just no difference between the two. However, some people prefer looking at a www domain but it doesn't make any special difference for your site ranking or SEO.

    Just make sure you redirect the non-use version to your preferred version.
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    Great. Thanks for your suggestions.
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    Neither of the two is okay to use.
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    I don't think it matters though
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    there is no longer a need for the www in urls.
    way back in the beginning of the web, it was needed because websites and email and ftp were all on different physical machines. therefore, you needed to specify which machine to route the request to .
    now days, usually they are all on the same machines so it just doesn't matter.
    I would suggest that you don't use the www at all. however, if you decide to use it then be consistent and use it always.

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    This isn't something you should worry about too much. Worry about delivering great content through the website. Just pick one and stick to it.
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